Active Projects (Archived)


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It is preserved for historical purposes.

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These are currently active projects that are related in some way to the SCP Foundation.

  • The Wanderers' Library - A collection of stories based around the Serpent's Hand.
  • Origins - An SCP RP based on the Foundation in the early 1950's.

Inactive Projects

These projects appear to not have been updated in quite a while, whether they've been put on hiatus, suspended, or abandoned.

  • SCP Game Project - In particular, the SCP Choose Your Own Adventure Game. Last Status - Done recruiting members (unless you're XNA programmers), and is currently producing concepts and story lines.
  • SCP-TCG - One of two proposed card game projects. Last Status - The foundations have been laid, but much more work needs to be done.
  • SCP.pdf Project - Transforming all of the current articles into atmospheric .pdfs. Last Status - More then half-way done now, only four entry blocks remain. A periodic update will be needed after this is finished, to take in to account edits, additions and deletions.
  • Far Recon - An SCP RP based on SCP-354
  • SCP-CCG - One of two proposed card game projects. - Last Status - Currently being updated and revised by Moley. Please see updated pages for details. Demo decks will be uploaded soon for feedback.
  • Active Duty - Currently on hiatus.
  • The Tamlin House - Currently on hiatus.
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