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Welcome to the new site.
A lot of progress was being made at the old SCP wiki, but the hard work of dedicated users was being hampered by the limitations of a site without admin and a host that was moving on.

Also, the need to move on was inevitable. Rob Kohr of constantsun, the host of editthis.info, is just one man, working hard, but unable to ward off legions of spammers attacking editthis.info. The editthis.info wikifarm is just one of several projects he's working on, but to keep it, he's going to have to upgrade it to a paid service site. We were running out of space (the wiki was only alloted 25mb), and Rob was not going to upgrade the site to the new version of Mediawiki when the time came. Actually, we're being considered for deletion.

To keep the SCP Wiki alive and free, we've moved to wikidot.com hosting. Things are a bit different here, but the move is still for the best.

Here, there will be many admins to keep the site strong and fresh. We will have at least 300mb to play around with, and a much greater prospect for the future.

I am not a professional website designer, I'm still learning the ropes. As much help as possible will be sought and appreciated.

-The Administrator

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