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The following document was created by the Allied Occult Initiative, the precursor to the Global Occult Coalition active in the 7th Occult War. All information in this file is not reflective of the current status of High Security Artifact-008-Advent and High Security Ritual-001-Advent-Nox ("The Rite of Solomon"). Refer to the Threat Advent Dossier for further information.

Allied Occult Initiative


Prepared on 13/SEPT/1944 SECURITY CLEARANCE 4

Anomaly Identifier:

High Security Artifact-008-Advent — "Mythical Sword Tyrfing"

Security Status Level:

0 (In Provisional Storage)1


Artistic rendition of King Svafrlami retrieving the first version of HSA-008-Advent, created in 1906.


The artifact is a sword similar in design to ancient Viking Age weaponry. The object's blade appears to be composed of steel and the hilt from gold, though tests to confirm this have not been performed out of risk of invoking thaumaturgic hexes from taking metal samples. Unidentified thaumaturgic runes are carved into the blade and hilt. A visual effect similar to fire can be seen surrounding the sword at times.

Younger Futhark runes are engraved along the edges of the blade on both sides. The runes roughly translate to the following:

Wield in the days victory is demanded

Wield in the days your life is needless

HSA-008-Advent, if in use in combat, will exhibit the following properties:

  • The artifact will never miss an intended attack by its user if not blocked.
  • Objects struck with the artifact will be cleanly split in half, regardless of material composition, based on the angle the blade strikes at. Size limits to what objects will be split are undetermined.
  • Thaumaturgic workings can be disrupted and redirected if intended by the user.
  • At least one entity will be killed by the weapon every time it is in use. The circumstances leading to the death are variable.

Further properties may exist.

Human users of HSA-008-Advent will be afflicted with a thaumaturgic hex. As few human users of the weapon have been well documented, full details are unavailable, though it is currently presumed that the hex in all cases ends in the death of the user. This appears to coincide with the failure of any major goals the user wished to accomplish. As such the usage of HSA-008-Advent by human personnel of the AOI (for combat, testing, or otherwise) is strictly forbidden.

The weapon serves as a potential artifact for use in High Security Ritual-001-Advent-Nox ("The Rite of Solomon"). It can be used in conjunction with other artifacts of religious significance and seven high-importance occult artifacts (the "keys of Solomon," identifiers HSA-001-Advent through HSA-007-Advent) to perform HSR-001-Advent-Nox. Completion results in the manifestation of a Code BLACK eschatological entity of significant thaumaturgic potential.


Only one version of HSA-008-Advent (identifier 008-BETA) is known to presently exist. Destruction of the weapon and all other relevant artifacts will not be performed unless it is deemed necessary by the joint AOI-Foundation containment for HSR-001-Advent-Nox.


All details on the first version of HSA-008-Advent (identifier 008-ALPHA, known as "Tyrfing") have been provided by Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks (The Saga of Hervör and Heidrek) and the Poetic Edda, sets of Norse legends. According to the texts, the mythological king Svafrlami captured two dwarves and demanded they craft a powerful sword for him, which they cursed in revenge. The hex killed Svafrlami and caused three evil deeds, later being taken by a Gothic group after the curse was said to have been removed. No further information on 008-ALPHA exists. Although dwarven ruins have been discovered in territory supposedly ruled by Svafrlami, no evidence for the existence of the characters from the tales and 008-ALPHA has been found.


Site of a Nyrsigtuna ritual, circa 1870.

A replica of Tyrfing (identifier 008-BETA) was constructed in the 1500s by the Scandinavian occult group Nyrsigtuna (or New Sigtuna) via thaumaturgic rituals. 008-BETA was a central aspect to Nyrsigtuna religious beliefs, revered as a link between humanity and the Norse deities, meant to be wielded by a warrior not belonging to any group of beings detailed in Norse mythology. However, losses in the Sixth Occult War2 led to in-fighting among Nyrsigtuna leaders, culminating in a battle near present-day Rjukan, Norway, where 008-BETA was lost. The few details on the conflict suggest that one group disguised 008-BETA as a different sword to trick opposing factions into using it and cursing themselves.

Written Testimony: Manu Partanen (former Nyrsigtuna member), 1901

We rode through the woods on horseback. An hour past one of our men was skewered by spears of Tyr, thrown by the cavalry of a rebelling faction. When we charged it came to our surprise that, by some miracle, the sword of Speaker Taisto held the abilities of mythical Tyrfing when he slew several rebels. I was certain it was a sign of the gods deciding we were to be the victors of the battle.

It all changed too fast. First three of our archers misfired their blessed arrows, all colliding with trees next to them and tearing their forms from the blasts. Speaker Taisto accidentally severed the heads of several of our swordsmen who had cut between him and rebels to protect him. Trees fell on our warriors without warning. I swore the universe was conspiring against us.

The final loss was when Speaker Taisto shattered the ancestor amulets he wore, his last effort to stave the rebel horde. Countless spirits of past Nordic warriors rose from the grounds around us and bared their axes at the rebels. They approached the rebels then shouted "unworthy wielder," turning to Speaker Taisto. The spirits butchered Speaker Taisto for an hour.

The sword was not a sign of victory. It was a sign of sabotage.

Due to the deaths of most Nyrsigtuna leaders and its fragmenting into smaller offshoots, the group is considered defunct.

The exact site of the battle was lost until discovery by the Thule Society3 as part of their investigations into Nordic occult artifacts, occurring after Nazi Germany's occupation of Norway. In cooperation with the Ahnenerbe Obskuracorps4, the secretive Facility 12 was constructed at the site to investigate military applications of 008-BETA and its use in HSR-001-Advent-Nox.

After the Foundation's capture of Obskuracorps commander Konrad Weiss on 1/SEPT/1944, it was found that the Obskuracorps and Thule Society intend to perform HSR-001-Advent-Nox, aiming to remove thaumaturgic capabilities from any non-Germanic people and grant them to members of the German government. The effort against Thule and the Obskuracorps under Operation GLEAMING COVENANT was expanded to include joint Foundation-AOI operations in stopping the Rite.

Documents recovered during Weiss's capture indicated the discovery of 008-BETA, corroborated by reports from AOI undercover agents. An operation to secure 008-BETA was then performed on 9/SEPT/1944, ending in a successful recovery. The artifact is currently in storage at an AOI provisional encampment.


The Vemork Hydroelectric Plant in 1935.


Recovery was performed under Operation DREKAR MIRAGE. Four teams were organized:

  • Team Able: Squad trained in handling occult threats. Headed by Noble Templar Knight Javiera Solos and Special Operative Josef5 with 8 members.
  • Team Baker: Squad composed of thaumaturges and Nordic occultists, 7 members in total. Headed by psionics specialist Captain Mathew Dell.
  • Team Charlie: General operations platoon, headed by First Lieutenant Horace Southers with 20 members.
  • Team Dog: Covert infiltration squad, headed by Runemaster Niklas Eklund with 6 members.

Although no undercover agents had been able to enter Facility 12, reconnaissance teams had identified two entrances with low levels of security, which could be used as potential breaching points. Cables were observed connecting the compound to the nearby Vemork Hydroelectric Plant, which appeared to be continuing operation despite extensive sabotage actions taken by the Norwegian resistance.

After preparations for general purpose occult operations, plans were devised for an initial covert infiltration of Facility 12, intended to undermine its security, followed by a full military assault to secure the compound. Operation DREKAR MIRAGE was initiated on 9/SEPT/1944.

Operation DREKAR MIRAGE Timeline

02:10- Team Dog enters the Vemork Hydroelectric Plant via an unguarded maintenance hatch. Unusually, few guards are observed. No generators or heavy water production machinery appear to be in operation.

02:12- Team Baker breaches a tunnel extending out of Facility 12, likely meant to serve as a method for facility personnel to escape in the event of disaster. Team Baker proceeds down the tunnel.

02:13- Team Able covertly sedate guards at a rear entrance with a ritually-summoned demon and enter Facility 12.

02:14- A previously unknown sublevel in the Vemork Hydroelectric Plant is discovered, with its entrance guarded by Thule Society priests. Runemaster Niklas Eklund establishes a cloaking barrier and begins surveying for an alternate entrance.

02:15- Team Charlie hijacks a German supply convoy heading to Facility 12, suffering minor casualties. Half of Team Charlie drives the convoy while the other half begins moving to the main entrance of Facility 12.

02:16- Team Baker enters a basement mechanical room of Facility 12, encountering two guards that quickly surrender.

02:17- Team Dog locates a maintenance shaft and enters the sublevel. Runemaster Eklund reports encountering a "dwarven occult generator" before communications are lost. Alarms go off in Facility 12. Teams Able, Baker, and Charlie are ordered to disregard plans for covert operations.

02:18- Teams Able and Baker come under attack from Obskuracorps soldiers, who are all armed with thaumic weapons.

Written Testimony: Operative Kjell Anthonsen (Team Baker)

I turned the corner and several of them waited for us with bizarre weaponry. Their guns were things like assault rifles, the barrels swapped for mummified arms whose hands kept wriggling. All over their uniforms were mismatched pieces of equipment — stone slabs carved with sigils strapped on, rune-covered plate armor, belts of ritual daggers — like they threw it on in a scramble for defense.

I barely stepped back when their mummy-guns shot volleys of thaumic energy. If we didn't have the barriers Seweryn and Morgan kept conjuring (and the oh so precious machinery around us) we would've been mowed down.

Written Testimony: Special Operative Josef (Team Able)

Shortly after the assault began I spotted a soldier who tried to attack us from behind. The mummified arm of his weapon had wrung its fingers around his neck and writhed, taken by a spirit summoned from an Obskura demon grenade, only trying to kill with a violent fury. I tore it off of him and exorcised its demon.

His position was weaker yet he retrieved the broken fragments of a bow and attempted to kill me by summoning volleys of arrows. When he failed he scrambled to other corridors. I had the opportunity to attack, grant our team one less opponent, but I let him run. He was with the enemy but not all confrontation need end in death.

Instead I reminded him of his past deeds. I called to the spirits of his victims and let them return to him before I resumed protecting my teammates. I hope their hauntings serve him well.

02:19- One member of Team Able is killed, and they retreat into a room storing large numbers of occult artifacts. Thule Society priests enter and kill two members through the use of various artifacts in the area. A brief transmission is received from Runemaster Eklund.

Written Testimony: Noble Templar Knight Javiera Solos (Team Able)

Once I believed that Obskuracorps treasured all they obtained. Now it is clear that the artifacts are solely a means to an end. Much of what lined the massive shelves around us was practically thrown at us, the priests running up the shelf sides to drop what they saw, evading our bullets all the while. Vases would shatter and unleash many-limbed demons — all more intimidating than challenging for my sword to vanquish — and weathered sculptures would crack and violently explode in vibrant hues, perhaps the last cries of ill-remembered deities.

We fended the arcane flurry well until a cloaking barrier vanished and we discovered that a priest had completed a ritual without our noticing. Flaming mares emerged from the ritual circle and charged forth with unrivaled fury. Dores believed her holy water bullets would halt them but had her brain gouged out by a burning hoof and reduced to ash. I thank whoever climbed the shelves first, for that was our only way to survive.

Our strategy worked until a priest lunged toward us, effortlessly walking along the shelf sides like a grim phantasm. He plunged his scepter through Ridley's legs and let him descend to the mares. Ridley nearly made it too, pushing himself into a lower alcove with an arcane nudge, but it was tragically inhabited by a hungering statue. I felt no remorse when I stabbed the priest, nor when his body began to cook around my sword.

Transmission Transcript: Runemaster Niklas Eklund [9/SEPT/1944 - 10] (Team Dog)


Eklund: No. Too many arms. Too much movement.

(white noise)

Unknown Male: (speaking in German) Voluntary soul loss is less painful.

(white noise)

Eklund: Keep away from the arms. Keep away from the hands and ignore the generator's voices. (heavy breathing) Get to the crack. The gears are weaker there.

(mechanical scraping sounds, gunshots)

Eklund: AOI Command, this is — (pained grunts) — Runemaster Niklas Eklund.

(white noise)

Unknown Male: Step back from the generator or the guards — (white noise) — your soul will not reach rest if you — (pained screaming)

(white noise, mechanical crunching sounds)

Eklund: Command, I don't know if you can hear this, but if you do I have one last message.

(gunshots, screeching)

Eklund: I won't stop fighting—

(white noise)


02:21- A large explosion of blue fire occurs near the Vemork Hydroelectric Plant. Facility 12 switches to using reserve generators for power. Team Dog is presumed to be killed in action. Special Operative Josef collapses a storage shelf, killing two priests, and Team Able exits the storage room while being pursued by soldiers.

Written Testimony: Special Operative Josef (Team Able)

Ridley's death made me realize fleeing the priests was pointless. We would only lose more lives, and not fighting aggressors is against my purpose. When Javiera killed one of the priests I dropped from the shelf to handle the remaining two.

The two infernal horses attacked first. Their fires and kicks could not harm me so I took their heads and broke them against each other until flickering remnants were left. One priest tore down an entire column of a shelf, unleashing writhing masses of tendrils and demons that radiated an aura intense enough that any attempt to approach pained me. The priest pushed me toward them with an excessive number of magical barriers, all of which I punched through with ease. Javiera aided with a grenade that tore through his legs, giving me a chance to throw him into the demon masses. None of my teammates saw what happened to his body.

The last priest, wearing black robes instead the typical white, summoned lightning bolts, daggers of ice, and flaming bullets as he levitated above me. Normally I wouldn't care — it's nothing I haven't seen before — but he aimed for the words of life on my forehead, knowing any damage to it would disable me. As my teammates were defending themselves from the demon masses, I had to handle him alone.

Much like before I climbed the shelf, avoiding the scrambling appendages of creatures the priest had awoken. I threw several towards him but all disintegrated from cleansing barriers he had raised around himself. His response was to summon numerous apparitions around him. I would later learn that all of the apparitions were facsimiles of the Norse pantheon, meant to intimidate, but at the time I thought it was only another obstacle. I lunged from the shelf and broke through each apparition but in my haste I forgot about the priest's ability to dodge. When I landed on the ground he flew toward me with an axe of lightning.

Getting near me lost him his sole advantage. I grabbed onto his body and broke him against the shelf with the strength to fracture several of its columns. The section of the shelf crumbled slowly enough that I could escape the rain of artifacts it produced. It all combusted in an aetheric blast that eviscerated the demon masses and tore a hole into an adjacent chamber.

Figured we had to leave when streams of thaumic projectiles came from behind.

02:22- Team Baker uses explosives to destroy several pieces of equipment in the mechanical room. The group enters an elevator that brings them to a room on the main level containing statues of Norse deities and occult iconography. The area is presumed to have been used for Thule Society rituals. They break the elevator and momentarily rest.

Written Testimony: Operative Kjell Anthonsen (Team Baker)

If Niklas had lived to see the chamber he would've had a heart attack. I never knew Norse legends as well as he did, but my time with him around the Universalist Order of the Æsir made me see how wrong it was. Thor never wielded a sword, let alone Tyrfing, runic prayers don't belong on the statues of military commanders, renditions of Yggdrasil shouldn't be surrounded by animals guts. A few glances at my occultists friends and I could tell they felt the same. If we didn't have our mission we would've torn the place to the ground — though we did give the Führer and Quisling's6 effigies royal send offs down the elevator shaft.

02:23- The convoy controlled by Team Charlie arrives at the main entrance of Facility 12. Guards order them to turn it back due to the AOI incursion. Both halves of Team Charlie assault the main entrance, suffering one death and four casualties, then enter Facility 12.

02:26- Teams Able and Baker enter a spacious weapons testing chamber. An automaton wielding 008-BETA enters alongside Obskuracorps soldiers. Five AOI members are killed in the ensuing battle.

Written Testimony: Captain Mathew Dell (Team Baker)

In complete honesty I nearly shit myself when the automaton unsheathed the sword. We knew they had been testing the sword. We didn't know they found a way to actually use the damn thing. Its black armor and silver runic decorations didn't help to cool my nerves.

Without hesitating it went straight for Gunvald. He pulled his hands-shooting-fire trick but the automaton just held the sword out and let the flames sweep around them. Only a single scratch landed on Gunvald's arm before it split in half. I watched him try to run to me for any sort of help but the sword's next swing just reached him (I don't know how to describe it — it should've missed but it still hit and it made sense) and he split apart. Oz went the same way. And Darion. And Jules.

When it came for me next I tried thinking about throwing the automaton to the ground, but I suddenly pictured the sword and those thoughts started hurting. Right when it swung at me I panicked and thought about throwing a crate between us. I thought I was dead but the crate split clean in half while I didn't. I kept that up for a good minute with any junk I could find and it kept working. Problem was it was becoming such a burden on my mind I could've passed out any second. Couldn't think enough about attacking as well, so I figured I was screwed.

Only got out when the automaton was distracted by some of Josef's spirits.


Then Hal started singing an old Mekhanite hymn. Didn't hold any weapon at all. I thought he'd gone mad until the automaton fumbled its swing and paused. I swear some gears in its chassis turned to mimic the hymn in response.

Obskura never built that automaton. Definitely nobody Germanic for that matter. I thought the armor meant they had but Hal figured they added it on after (or he was at a loss for what to do). Ahnenerbe, Thule, whoever found it must've been so over their head with "Aryan" superiority that they were sure the machine was either their own heritage or could bend to their every will. Never imagined it wouldn't.

Needless to say it is satisfying to imagine what their faces looked like when the automaton sliced itself.

02:30- Special Operative Josef obtains 008-BETA and destroys the automaton. Team Charlie spots several Thule Society priests and Obskuracorps researchers in a basement area, who open a Way and flee into the dimension it leads to. No operatives could enter before the Way spontaneously detonated.

A majority of the remaining soldiers at Facility 12 surrendered. Documents detailing research were found, though most had been intentionally destroyed by soldiers prior to the facility's full capture. Interrogation of captured soldiers is in progress. Exploration of the destroyed sublevel to the Vemork Hydroelectric Plant yielded no information on the nature of the "dwarven occult generator" that had been in use.

All members of Team Dog have been posthumously awarded the AOI Valiance Medal.


Undercover operatives embedded in the Ahnenerbe have reported that 008-ALPHA has been discovered by the Obskuracorps. An archaeology team found an underground tomb at the ruins of a Goth settlement, likely within German-occupied Polish territory, which contained a decayed corpse and a damaged sword. Descriptions of the sword are similar to the appearance of 008-BETA. It is unknown if a thaumaturgic hex is present on the artifact.

It is now suspected that 008-ALPHA will be used as a substitute for 008-BETA in performing HSR-001-Advent-Nox. If reports of the Thule Society creating forgeries of the Keys and important religious artifacts are true, then it is likely that preparations for the Rite are nearing completion. An operation to halt the performance is being planned.

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