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Arcadia: The original organization, founded by Nolan Bushnell who loosely led it until 1969, when Bushnell left to work on his own ventures. Originally a high-powered drug-fueled cabal of dark magic users ready and willing to use their magic for fun and profit, it slipped into mundaneness in the late eighties. Reborn in the nineties and the 2000s, modern Arcadia feels like a silent domination - an entirely different Arcadia from the one that openly ruled the video game market with an iron fist.

Prism Products Corporation: Technologic powerhouse founded in the UK and with several operating locations in the USA. Familiar with Arcadia since the 1970s but no official connections until their buyout of Arcadia in 1991. Several PPC personnel and Arcadia employees are acquainted with each other. Under secret investigation by the UIU for several incidents regarding anomalous technology and biohazards.

Nolan Bushnell: Ruthless businessman and marketer who found success after leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Personally charming and charismatic, in one-on-one conversation he can convince just about anybody to do anything. Hair appears to be perpetually greasy no matter how many showers he takes. Left Arcadia in 1969.

Ted Dabney: Occult machine designer responsible for the technology at the core of Arcadia's ability to act in the occult world, the Dabney-Syzygy Inhibitor. He leaves Arcadia with Bushnell.

Dan "Wolf" Dunn: Designer and writer with Arcadia "Prime", and subsequent leader of Arcadia during its glory years and its downfall. A mostly friendly and good-spirited guy, he often can't see his own shortcomings. Will often become hyperfocused on tasks. Always wears a signature orange tie. Left Arcadia in 1986. Purported to be a part of modern-day Arcadia.


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