April 9th, 2690
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For close to 800 years, the Foundation has protected the world from a variety of anomalous threats. Secrecy went out the window by the late 2000s, but their principles remained the same throughout the centuries. As humanity grew closer to the stars, the Foundation began to manage threats across the entire Solar System. The Fifth Church started a pilgrimage directly into the Sun, and the Solar Occult Coalition is currently attempting to eliminate the Crab Pulsar.

The primary cause behind this interstellar expansion was the destruction of Earth by SCP-094.

When the sphere reached the size of a small village, the Foundation tried to hide it from the world, altering satellite images and quietly funding space programs to escape the Earth. When it could be seen from Buenos Aires, however, global focus was now on abandoning ship. Alliances between paranormal organizations were formed to utilize anomalous technologies to colonize and terraform Mars, moons of other planets, and anywhere else in the Solar System that could be made to support life. To this end, the goal was accomplished – but not before South and Central America were absorbed by the void. As billions fled to the final frontier, a black dot covered their tracks.

Humanity has now been living on foreign planets for a few hundred years. There were bigger issues to deal with, from the anomalous to the political to the logistical, than the state of the dying planet. When half of the Blue Marble was blackened, hardly anyone noticed; Titan’s Got Talent had made its television debut the same night. Cultural ties had been lost many generations ago. The former residence of the entire human species was now as significant as Mercury. It was just another lifeless object orbiting around a ball of burning gas. Similarly, when a mere 10% of Earth remained, the only evidence of it was at the Foundation’s yearly celebration of the successful evacuation of the Lunar Sites – the natural satellite was now free from its gravitational chains, given the lack of anything to orbit around.

And finally, on April 9th, 2690, as humanity’s home for the hundreds of thousands of years died with a whimper, just one man watched it come to an end. Dr. Bright, the last man in the universe to have seen the Pacific Ocean, a snow-capped mountain range, or a clear blue sky, witnessed the remains of Earth be blotted out, removed from existence. A harbor for the human race that survived asteroids, solar flares, and, despite all odds, produced intelligent life capable of containing the anomalous, simply faded into the growing shadow.

Despite this tragedy, life went on. Over time, fewer and fewer people remembered that beyond the event horizon lay an abandoned planet - an abandoned home. It just wasn't relevant in the new world.

Humanity had not died in the darkness.

But the Earth was consumed by it.

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