Application to Form MTF Mu-3: Documents
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I am attaching this cover letter to the application for formation of Mobile Task Force Mu-3 to expound on why such a Task Force should be created.

To: The Office of The Foundation's Director of Mobile Task Forces
From: Major Roger Dunn <MTF Dept>
Subject: Application to form MTF Mu-3

I am attaching this cover letter to the application for formation of Mobile Task Force Mu-3 to expound on why such a Task Force should be created. To summarize briefly, the intended function of this Task Force is to collect information on Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd, and to exploit this intel in covert missions with the goal of advancing The Foundation's own interests.

One of the main reasons I've chosen Marshall, Carter & Dark as the focus of this Force, is their access to significant amounts of funds. While financially supporting their actions is an obstacle for most other Groups of Interest, MC&D has no difficulty when it comes to footing the bill for their operation.
The scope of limitations, in a group for whom money is no object, is nearly non-existent. While our current profile of the organization suggests they're unlikely to intentionally cause a K-class scenario, I don't believe that justifies allowing them to operate unchecked.

The Foundation is, in my eyes, the only organization in a position to effectively curtail this group's ambitions. It is my intent that MTF Mu-3 will be independently capable of carrying out all phases of their operations, from reconnaissance and planning to execution of clandestine missions. This will be accomplished by creating a multi-disciplinary task force wherein roles are assigned by branch.

The 'Tracking' branch, referred to in your accompanying documents as 'Profilers', are the team members responsible for gathering and maintaining our database of information on assigned targets. Their main focus will not be on items, but on the brokers of MC&D themselves. Establishing a profile of each broker, this branch will track their activity and evaluate opportunities for engagement of the team's other branches.

The 'Undercover' branch, or 'Probes', will be our Agents tasked with infiltrating MC&D events. These men and women will pose as clients, or fill the roles of temp staff hired on for events. From these vantages they will gather any intel available to them, and provide passive support for the 'Containment' branch's operatives where suitable. MTF Special Agent Dennis Ford comes highly recommended for the assignment of Branch Head. He is a veteran of several U-MTFs; and his record indicates extensive experience in the role of undercover operative, as well as handler for other U/Cs.

The 'Containment' branch, designated 'Thieves', will essentially act as the hands of the team. Their role is to carry out active-engagement assignments, including object acquisition and sabotage of assets. Operatives of 'Thieves' branch will also be standing by for 'Probe' agents whenever practical, prepared to enact a contingency plan should the agent's cover be compromised. Security Dept. Major Samuel Aguirre has been selected by me personally to lead this branch of the team. In addition to the typical duties of that position, he has also volunteered to play a role in the design and application of a specific training program for Operatives entering his branch.

Through the combined efforts of these three branches, MTF Mu-3 will be capable of: identifying objects of interest in possession of Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP; isolating opportunities to recover these objects; and, ultimately achieving their containment. In other words, Mobile Task Force Mu-3 will be an active manifestation of the expression 'high-speed, low drag'.

As you may recall, a related request to establish a tentative version of 'Profilers' was approved several months ago. A summary analysis of the data they've collected to this point has also been appended to this letter. That information indicates an ideal opportunity for object acquisition is fast approaching. In light of this fact, I urge you to approve the full formation of MTF Mu-3 as soon as possible, so that planning and preparation of an operation can be officially set into motion.


Maj. Roger Dunn <MTF Dept>
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