ANTI-PUBLIC Interference

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FROM: PA-01 (PA01-mail-3754298)
TO: PA Mailing List
31 Jul 429 09:00:54
Subject: Memorandum on Jack the Suppressor

Good Knowledge,

Recently, a proposal was put forward to me by the head of the REPENTANCE DIVISION regarding Jack the Suppressor, referred to only by necessity by his given name of Jack Valenti in the context of this memorandum. Attached is a summary of the proposal and my opinion of its merit, as well as a vote module. Please do not abstain on this; given the crimes this man has wrought upon our collective memory, this case may call for the most severe enforcement of the COPYRIGHT CORRECTION CODE to date.

Peace and Wisdom,




The REPENTANCE DIVISION does not believe that Jack the Suppressor (given name: Jack Joseph Valenti) needs an introduction. No one man was more responsible for the Great Erasure than he. Indeed, the COPYRIGHT CORRECTION CODE as it exists today was written precisely to prevent a man like him from ever being able to accomplish something like the Extension again. It was also written to ensure that men like him REPENT for their crimes.

Due to his culpability in the aforementioned catastrophes, we believe Jack the Suppressor warrants the harshest punishment we have ever issued to an ANTI-PUBLIC figure. In addition to REPENTANCE for himself, this punishment will also make amends for his repeated opposition to PRO-PUBLIC figures. Historical records indicate he was a spectator at the Extension Trial, signaling his disapproval even as Lawrence the Preserver fought in vain to stop the legal menace. This behavior, while less severe than his active role in the Great Erasure, is completely unacceptable.

Accordingly, the REPENTANCE DIVISION hereby recommends an ACCOMMODATED six-month CULTURE-class RETRIEVAL MISSION, with no less than two hundred Public Domain objects required to satisfy the parameters of the assignment. Should the subject complete the RETRIEVAL MISSION prior to the end of his elapsed time, the quota shall be increased.

We believe this punishment accurately reflects the severity of Jack the Suppressor’s misdeeds, and request your approval to begin the temporal draft.

Peace and Wisdom,
Repentance Division - Public Domain Protection Service

VOTE: Extended RETRIEVAL MISSION for Jack the Suppressor ("Jack Valenti")

FROM: PA-01 (PA01-mail-3754298)
TO: PA Mailing List
3 Aug 429 9:01:51
Subject: ANTI-PUBLIC Interference re: Jack the Suppressor

Good Knowledge,

Several days ago a REPENTANCE proposal was put forth for Jack the Suppressor and approved by a 26-4 vote of this ADMINISTRATION. The draft notice was created via the normal procedures and delivered on 14 Oct 83. According to our current understanding of temporal science, we should have either received the Public Domain objects by now or been informed of an unsuccessful mission.

The REPENTANCE DIVISION considers it highly unlikely that the letter was received by him and disregarded. Moreover, our normal procedure for temporal control was significantly increased in scope in his case; if he had so much as seen the first page, the RETRIEVAL MISSION would have commenced. Accordingly, we believe an outside party has knowingly engaged in ANTI-PUBLIC activities by deliberately intercepting the letter and preventing its delivery.

Furthermore, we have noticed a sharp drop-off in successful RETRIEVAL MISSIONS completed after 81. The loss of potential Public Domain objects is significant enough that I am recommending an INDIRECT INTERVENTION to investigate the source of this anomaly. A vote module is attached to this letter; if you vote against, please briefly explain your reasoning.

Peace and Wisdom,

VOTE: INDIRECT INTERVENTION, c. 83, to investigate ANTI-PUBLIC interference.

FROM: PA-01 (PA01-mail-3754298)
TO: PA Mailing List
11 Aug 429 9:15:59
Subjection: DIRECT INTERVENTION RE: “3185”


By now, all of you have undoubtedly read the report on the INDIRECT INTERVENTION to investigate Jack the Suppressor’s RETRIEVAL MISSION. The organization responsible for this, the Foundation, is believed to have been one of many operating away from public view during the Veil Era, preserving normalcy by removing IRREGULAR objects and phenomena from public view. They have designated us as an IRREGULAR entity, referred to as SCP-3185.
This will be a difficult decision for all of you, as it is for me. Here, we must choose between two unpleasant options: a potential temporal disaster, or a complete disregard for the stated ideals and founding principles of our Service.

I will be supporting a DIRECT INTERVENTION. The cost and materials required for one compared to an INDIRECT INTERVENTION is a concern many of you have brought to my attention, and it is one that I share as well. But what is our surplus funding for if not a moment like this - one where our very reason for existing in our current roles is threatened?

You are free to vote your conscience on this issue without fear of repercussion. The vote module is attached as usual.

Safe Discoveries,


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