Guide: Anonymous Articles

Guide for Posting Anonymous Articles:

Step 1

Message a member of the Rewrite Team to inform them that you wish to post an article anonymously. This message should contain a link to the article you wish to post, as well as the title, desired slot, and author post. You must qualify for an author page (3 surviving works) to qualify for anonymous posting.

Step 2

The Rewrite Team will make a copy of the article and do a review to make sure that the article does not contain any rule breaking content. Please allow the team sufficient time to review the article.

Step 3

Once the article has been cleared, it will be posted by the Rewrite Team using the "The Community" account, at the anonymous author's discretion.

Please note that the Rewrite Team will maintain a list of the authors of anonymous articles. Only Rewrite members and admins have access to this list, though parts of it may be shared with the Disciplinary team in extreme circumstances.

The Rewrite Team reserves the right to deny posting an anonymous article.

If you wish to de-anonymise an article, please message a member of the Rewrite team. Submitting an anonymous article for a contest counts as your submission for that contest. Posting a regular article for a contest after an anonymous one will result in the deletion of the regular article and de-anonymisation.

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