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Medical Department


From: Dr. Mayumishu, Dr. Sven

To: All On-Site Staff

Synopsis: Research Administration has given the green light to an in-house random controlled trial study. Declaration of employee intent is required. Please read below for details. Participation will require a consent submission and non-involvement will require the use of additional personal protective equipment for the duration of the study within the indicated areas.

Dear Personnel,

We are perpetually in a strange posture in this organization, which at-large is interested in the containment — and thus, the preservation — of anomalies. This lies in direct contrast to our jobs and personalities as physicians and healthcare providers; we wish to see our patients healed and thus the anomalies resolved. We are given a unique and special role here; and our department has no intention of ceasing to be the most prolific source of neutralized anomalies in the Foundation's infrastructure.

To this end, we have housed in-need patients in our facilities who pose minimal to no risk to personnel. Recently, in-field agents and diagnosticians came across a benign medical anomaly that is in need of containment; our site has again been suggested, in no small part due to the excellence displayed by this staff in prior instances.

Please review the description and special containment procedures specific to this anomaly and to the two patients we will receive that are currently afflicted by it. Typical information containment procedures will be in effect when the patients arrive, which will be at the end of next week.

The opportunity affords us a chance at in-house randomized controlled trials in an attempt to test effective therapies. As such, site personnel will be subject to participation in the trial in their daily routines and activities.

A response is mandatory. Any employee who does not declare consent or refusal by the arrival of the anomalies will not be allowed to come to work and will be given fractional pay for the duration of the trial.

Thank you,
Dr. Ichiro Mayumishu
MD, PhD, MSPH, Site Director, Chief Research Officer

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