Project Ankoshoku, 1950
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Purpose: Following the Pacific War between the empire and the Western powers of the United States and, towards the end of that conflict, the USSR, tensions between IJAMEA and the Russian containment agency only known to us by the name GRU-"P"1 have increased ever since the Nomonhan Incident. These tensions have escalated beyond what any reasonable man could consider "safe". Border disputes have caused untold bloodshed between our glorious empire and the socialist republic for the past 4 years, ever since the end of our campaign by the West and its allies. Most of these border disputes end in the death of our soldiers and greatest generals due to our lack of knowledge and general intelligence of this GRU-"P".

The following project has been proposed in order to maintain Imperial independence from foreign powers, specifically that of our Russian neighbors. Its goals are as follows:

  • Infiltration into GRU-"P" operations in Moscow, Siberia, and other areas the enemy is located.2
  • Discover and possibly convert research regarding anomalies by the GRU-"P".
  • Inquire into the possibility of anomalous weaponry being manufactured by GRU-"P".
  • Sabotage GRU-"P" operations involving areas near the Imperial border.

'Through the completion of these objectives, IJAMEA might crush the Russian's capacity to disrupt the court's supremacy in the East.

Assets: This is the first time the IJAMEA will be going against a foreign containment agency since the assault on The Western Merchants in the Prewar years. As such, various forms of funding are going to be needed. Various different sources have been considered, specifically from the Western agency Unusual Incidents Unit. They will provide the majority of the materials needed for the goals of this operation as long as we maintain cooperation with occupying American forces.

Aside from financial funding, IJAMEA will need volunteers who would be willing to lay down their lives for the good of the operation and our glorious empire. The individuals considered for this opportunity to serve their country are the peoples of Siberia, Russians living within the empire, Japanese living within the USSR borders, and those who can be brought to our side, whether through coercion or economic incentive. Others, such as the great warriors of the Hida Mountains, have also been considered.

If possible, flesh-crafters are to be converted and promised suffrage from their Communist oppressor if they are willing to participate in such an operation, although this will not be a main source of fresh recruits to the operation.

Results: Failure. Our comrades failed us like they had 5 years ago. Nothing had been done to curb communist expansion. In fact, it has expanded. The Chinese to the West have fallen to the Red Roaches like Russia before it, and like that of the other European nations after the allies raped Germany and her possessions.

Our spies were captured within months of being stationed, tortured, and placed into a Siberian concentration camp, where they will be worked and starved to death, never knowing the full beauty of death on the battlefield, but only the meek suffering of captivity.3 The Russians knew spies; their nation was built upon the backs of saboteurs and liars.

In the long term, our efforts towards destabilization of the USSR in either Moscow or in areas such as Siberia have been unfruitful. Nor has our objective of converting technology toward our side lead to any innovation to our soldiers and generals. Secrecy clouds the GRU and its "P" division, to the point that even many of the highest-ranking officials of the Intelligence Directorate even knew that is existed, and even fewer knew its purpose beyond the arm of a barbaric Georgian.

The only knowledge gained about "P" division was some of its locations near Siberia, and the experiments perpetrated by them. The papers never explicitly state the products of these experiments, but based on the amount of rubles being spent along with many accolades from the inner factions of the Red Army, it cannot be good for our Empire.4

Our only way to prevent this is to contact other members of the anomalous world of this potential danger to not only the political paradigm, but to the world itself. It must be passed back to the bookburners or the Jailors, possibly even the librarians if they would be willing to listen to our plea.

Gods, help us all.

Liquidation of all assets in process. — General Rokuro

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