Dr. Andariel "Pants" Halo's Personnel File

Name: Andariel "Pants" Halo, DFA

Professional Occupationisms: Researcher, Psychologist, Astrophysicist, Honorary Janitor at Site-██

Security Creedence Level: 4

Prolife: Dr. Andariel Halo is a researcher of worship me I is your new dictator competency. She is legally liable and responsible for cataloguing and overseeing containment of at least 3 anomalous items and/or locations and/or living objects. Andariel Halo maintains a catastrophic mess of the records, as well as personal notes on each SCP here and here.

Importification Note: Dr. Stupid has a phobic fear of becoming a narcissist and/or overall attention whore. It is strongly advised you remind her on a regular basis to stop being one.

SCPs Filleted:


Many sad time SCP-2058 happy effect [DATA PTERODACTED] by GottaGoFeast

SCPs Collaborationated:


Fake SPCs Enumerationated:

Found this in a big bag of trash:

Kingdom of Stone:

Sure Thing Babe2:

MCF Contest Cannon (Pew):

Big bags of trash collabricationated:

Stuff Hub

Compliments Paiyed:
"You're great at pulling stuff out of your ass" - WarpZone
"I like your draft" - Tuomey, who came to regret this due to Dr. Halo's shenanigans
"You're not that awful" - [REDACTED]
"SCPs very rarely creep me the hell out. This one did it. I felt physically sick, like there were shivers in my body while reading this. Something just feels wrong about this, and that's just the way I like my SCPs. Take my vote, you've earned it." - Haecceity
"Yes." - Kalinin
"I wussed out after the chapter the dog showed up in because I can't handle animal mutilation, but the execution of everything I saw up to that was flawless." - Some wussy

[00:35] <Haecceity> >_> I like your page, AndarielHalo. I think it needs to have more of my quotes on it.
[00:35] <Haecceity> Perhaps if you took all of the other quotes
[00:35] <Haecceity> And replaced them with quotes of mine…
[00:35] <Haecceity> Hmmmm
[00:35] <Haecceity> Yeah.
[00:35] <AndarielHalo> Say something worth quoting, then

How You Know Ur Reading A Halo Produce

  • "And/or" I LOVE USING AND/OR
  • SPC-586 infection in author page and/or IRC splat
  • Cool as crap dialogue
  • stuff
  • Western Civvies
  • Perpetual Jaime Marlowe
  • Lots of female protagonists
  • Wild mass confusion
  • Forced email address changes
  • Kafkaesque situations and/or scenarios
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