And Then, Gabriel Slept
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Item #: SCP-KIT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-KIT must never know where it is at any given time. SCP-KIT is allowed to travel to the Meat Market when equipped with a tracker, which SCP-KIT is not to be aware of. SCP-KIT is to be provided with frequent amnestics. never given amnestics. SCP-KIT is to be provided with frequent doses of Bloom. Follow SCP-KIT at all opportunities. Remove any children from its care.

Description: SCP-KIT is Kit is Kit is Kit is Kit is Kit who is Kit where is Kit why is Kit

Addendum: You did this to him.

Gabriel jolted awake, surprised to find himself slumped over his laptop, his hands resting on the keys as if mid-stroke. He stared down at the document he didn’t remember writing, but he didn’t quite remember most of the day, if he was remembering that correctly, which he probably wasn’t. He remembered the day before. He remembered a stiff body hanging from the ceiling in a desperate act. He remembered feeling like his heart was torn from its moorings. But he couldn’t remember today.

Running a hand through his hair, Gabriel carefully deleted the document and then scrubbed his computer of the last hour of his viewing history, because if he couldn’t remember it, he didn’t want it exactly easily accessible, though he knew of course that the Foundation could seek beyond a simple history removal, in every sense of the term.

Kit wasn’t a scip. Kit wasn’t something to contain. Whether he liked it or not, for good or bad, Kit was just a loskon (where did that come from?) who could come and go freely of his own accord, who could taste those purple petals, who had forgotten more about himself than he remembered.

But Gabriel could remember when Kit was just a mortician with an easy smile, with a curious but relaxed attitude, before he was poisoned, before Gabriel poisoned him. It was all his fault.

It wasn’t Kit’s fault that the body on the slab slid back into life, despite having injuries incompatible with life. It wasn’t Kit’s fault that he happened to be on duty when that corpse was rolled into that mortuary. It wasn’t Kit’s fault that the Foundation had ordered Gabriel to flirt, fuck, and make Kit forget.

Gabriel didn’t even feel it was Kit’s fault that strange thing after strange thing kept happening to him. Gabriel couldn’t help but to think the Foundation had a hand in this; but to what end, for what reason, that was still part of the puzzle, the missing piece.

Kit had a missing piece. Kit was the missing piece.

The agent (ex-agent, who could know, he couldn’t know, couldn’t remember) slammed the lid of his laptop down and pushed himself up, slipping onto the nearby sofa to crash out. Why did amnestics always make you feel like you had been slipped sedatives, anyway? What a shitty side effect.

And then, Gabriel slept.

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