And Every Time We Meet Again Hub

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We'll meet again
Don't know where
Don't know when
But I know we'll meet again
some sunny day

Series Overview

In 1984, following SCP-5936's discovery, the Foundation had come across markings and journals suggesting the existence of a gigantic thaumaturgic circle over the entirety of Poland. Though initially dismissed as merely ramblings of insane members of a cult known as "the Children" responsible for numerous anti-Foundation attacks in the past, this past quickly came back to prove everyone wrong.

Though the immediately initiated search for the cult's leader, Damien Nowak, initially yielded reasonable results, with each meeting it seemed like the two chasing parties only grow the divide between each other, with the leader of the cult escaping every time. Nowak's storm is gathering old enemies, ancient magic, and evil plans, and the Foundation doesn't know what for.

With a group of Site-120 personnel lead by Daniel Asheworth, a man with a mysterious past connected to their enemies, constantly on the cult's tail, it has no choice but to run away as it tries achieve its goal. What this goal is or what the reasons for it are, no one knows.

This is the story of every time they met again.

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

  • SCP-6120 — Sins of the Father, Crimes of the Son

Background Reading

  • SCP-5314 — A fungal chance — by ArcydziegielArcydziegiel and SilnikSilnik — an alternate ending to the story, following the events of SCP-5936.

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