Anaxagoras's Author Page

By popular demand, I've finally put together an author page!

This is not an in-universe document, for a couple of reasons. I'd like to include some explanations for my writing and articles that simply aren't possible in-universe, and the only Anaxagoras that maybe exists in the Foundationverse is actually a Chancellor in the Universiverse.

First, SCPs I have posted, in chronological order:
SCP-833 — Charity Worms
SCP-997 — Vermin Suppressor
SCP-962 — Tower of Babble
SCP-1088 — The Eternity Ward
SCP-838 — The Dream Job
SCP-1014 — Jonah Crusoe
SCP-1700 — Debtshop
SCP-1500 — Zachary Callahan
SCP-1900 — Dr. Bryshevskiy's Book
SCP-1909 — Conquerer's Tomb
SCP-562 — Revel Rousers
SCP-1862 — The Fluoridated Man
SCP-1755 — Cotton Blight
SCP-1291 — Football Gods

Other articles:
1. Mr. Headless
8. Mr. Moon
Address to the Students and Faculty
On the O5's Secret Service
Though I Walk Through the Valley

And one last one:
Gods of Money

If you've read my articles (You haven't? For shame!), you may have noticed some general stylistic consistencies. They tend to be rather short, SCPs tend not to be very deadly, and there tends to be a decent amount of research behind them. The research is because I feel it's always nice when you can learn something from an article. For instance, I learned from 087 to take the elevator. And now for some notes on my articles, my thought processes, and other things.

SCP commentary:

Commentary on tales:

Other stuff:

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