Analysis of the Plokamisuchus

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Analysis of the Plokamisuchus

Unified Thaumatology Quarterly Vol. 75, No. 4, October 1988, pp. 33-40

International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology
Swansea Campus

By Dr. S. Mann, Dr. G. Franklin, et al.


The International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology has acquired the corpse of the Plokamisuchus from Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. for study into the biological structure of this anomalous creature. The goals of this study are to provide MC&D Ltd. with potentially valuable anomalous material (as per the acquisition agreement), to examine the creature to determine its full range of anomalous properties, determine its origins and the possibility of another attack, as well as propose possible means of threat mitigation.


On June 13, 1988, a large semiaquatic anomaly attacked the nexus of Hy-Brasil, destroying much of the city before it was eventually killed by the Global Occult Coalition, and subsequently recovered by Marshall, Carter, & Dark Ltd. At this point, nobody knows where the anomaly came from, if there might be more, and how to more efficiently terminate these entities if necessary.

Already known properties of the anomaly are that it has the ability to quickly regenerate extreme wounds, the ability to generate a form of anomalous fire, and possesses a monstrous scale despite violating the square-cube law. The goal of this study is to determine the causes of all of these anomalies as well as potentially identify unknown ones.


The study will be conducted by performing a necropsy on the Plokamisuchus to attempt to find the origin of its anomalous abilities and generate a more detailed understanding of its anatomy. Bio-samples will be subjected to deep penetrating Aetheric Resonance Scans in order to generate high-fidelity aura readings. Additionally, the creature's humors will be subjected to alchemical analysis, Kant counters will be employed to detect both internal Hume levels and any distortion effect on local reality, and several certified and licensed mediums will conduct a variety of rituals to assess any additional supernatural traits the body may possess.


Outer Tissues


A piece of sclerite removed from the body of the Plokamisuchus.

The outermost layer of the Plokamisuchus consists of overlapping "scales" which require approximately 5 gigapascals of force to break, measuring at 9.87 on the mohs scale and nearly 3 cm thick in some places. These "scales" are actually sclerites1 fashioned into the shape of scales. The amount of metals in each sclerite varies but all are made up of a combination of iron sulfides, pyrite, greigite, and biological material from the skin of the entity. [1]

The Plokamisuchus has been shown to have the ability to heal even extremely grievous wounds, in both life and death. Experiments involving resurrected tissue samples has shown the ability to regenerate lost biomatter at a rate of nearly 15% per day. While this is notable, it is still significantly slower than the regeneration shown when the anomaly was still living, where it could regenerate from severe injury within seconds. In both cases, high levels of red and yellow aspect radiation were detected, indicative of thaumaturgically accelerated cellular regeneration (Red) and accessing extradimensional or hyperdimensional stores of matter for said regeneration (Yellow). [2]

The abdominal section of the Plokamisuchus is made of five tentacled appendages, similar to that of an octopus. The outer layer of the tentacles is also surrounded by sclerites, with suction cups protruding outwards. The Plokamisuchus has the ability to modify the tension in its suckers to release or increase the suction from the suction cups, allowing it to effectively grab objects.

Internal Organs

Analysis of the Plokamisuchus's interior was complicated by the discovery of its non-euclidean biology[3]. For those unfamiliar, the topology of non-euclidean spacetime is always inconsistent, both internally and with the surrounding area. Non-euclidean spaces can be bigger on the inside, or smaller, or both. Paths either don't lead where they should, lead where they shouldn't, or lead to multiple places at the same time.

Bio-Thaumatologists have yet to formulate an accepted theory as to how non-euclidean biology can possibly sustain a living organism, however this is believed to be a major factor in explaining how a creature of this scale can exist.

Despite the complications presented by its non-euclidean anatomy, it was nonetheless determined that the Plokamisuchus has all of the organs necessary to sustain life.

First and foremost, the creature has a brain, as well as a nervous system. The subject's brain is approximately 2 meters in diameter and is toroid in shape, possessing a large nerve bundle running through the middle. It is separated into five distinct lobes with one lobe partially destroyed by the GOC's use of the Casaba-Howitzer. This makes an accurate examination of possible brain function difficult. However, the entity is believed to have been extremely intelligent and has displayed tool use2.

Skeletal systems in the Plokamisuchus are somewhat odd as well, with the upper half of the entity having bones and the lower, octopus-like structure having none. Due to the non-euclidean nature of the interior space, there is no clear division between these two sections. The upper half has bones similar to that of a crocodile, with the exception of having five arms with five radial digits and a disproportionate skull with five orbits (eye sockets). The arms of the Plokamisuchus have different joints than that of a crocodile, with a ball and socket joint as opposed to a traditional joint, allowing more human-like arm movements.

The cardiovascular system in the Plokamisuchus is fully formed, with a working heart, gills, and blood vessels. The Plokamisuchus primarily has five large sets of gills on its midsection, but also possesses working lungs, allowing it to breathe above water. The entity's heart is heavily damaged from battle, but after removal of the large amount shrapnel in the heart of the entity, it was clearly shown to be a standard three-chambered reptilian heart, albeit large enough to sustain it, at two and a half meters long.

Other Anomalous Properties

The entity has a previously unknown organ near its throat, which allowed it to detect sources of Elan Vital Energy (EVE) [2] as well as the ability to absorb this energy and transfer it into a usable thermic state. This is clearly the entity's source of "Spellfire", a form of anomalous fire that burns underwater, which the entity was observed to use during its attack on Hy-Brasil. Alchemical analysis of the creature's humors revealed its blood to be a luminescent blue ichor, saturated with EVE and likely used to circulate magic through the creature's enormous body to keep it alive.

Kant counters detected a consistently low reading from the carcass and its tissue samples, averaging at 74 Humes. [4] Though the Plokamisuchus was never observed practicing active reality bending, its ability to function at all at such a massive scale violated several physical and biochemical laws. In addition to the aforementioned non-euclidean biology, this low Hume level was likely responsible for its survival in our reality. Its aura reading revealed that it generates highly unusual currents in the Aether[5], and is unlikely to have originated from this reality or even from the same branch or hub as the multiverse as our world [6].

Other than that, its origins can only be speculated at.

As a final note, while living the Plokamisuchus had significantly elevated levels of Akiva radiation,[7] and even in death, its Akiva levels are well above baseline. Aetheric Resonance Imaging has ruled out the possibility of it being a type Black entity [2], so it is unlikely to be the incarnation of an actual god. A more likely explanation is that the Plokamisuchus's species is regarded as sacred by some religious groups. Given how many mundane animal species have been deified by sapient cultures, it's little wonder that a creature as enormous and powerful as the Plokamisuchus would inspire reverence.


The seemingly impossible size of the Plokamisuchus was enabled by a combination of thaumic biology, non-euclidean anatomy, and a low internal Hume field which granted it a degree of resistance to physical laws.

The Plokamisuchus is almost certainly an extradimensional entity, though its precise origin is currently unknown. We recommend a fact-finding mission to the Wanderer's Library [8] to narrow down possible origin worlds, and possibly the funding of expeditions to discover said world. How this creature arrived in our world, and the likelihood of other such beings doing so again in the future, remains unknown at the present. The best defense against future incursions would likely be to develop some means to deflect or regulate extradimensional travel to our world. As the Wanderer's Library has demonstrated an ability to redirect Ways in order to refuse entry to unwanted individuals, we know this is possible, and likely warrants further study.

As per our agreement with Marshall, Carter, & Dark Ltd, we recommend that the Plokamisuchus's ichor be sold as a rare thaumaturgical aid, ideal for potions, elixirs and philters. Its scales could be used to manufacture light-weight, high-durability armour. Any portion of the body could be sold as charms to aid in reality bending, due to the low Hume factor. The rest could be sold to any of a number of parascientific organizations (The Foundation, Prometheus Labs, or Eurtec just to name a few) who would be interested in studying the body for its multitude of anomalous properties. Certain parts may also be desirable as trophies.

In regards to possible defences against future attacks, it seems that a reality anchor of sufficient amplitude may be able to restore its Hume field to equilibrium, which would then cause the creature to collapse under its own weight. The fact that it absorbs EVE may also be used against it, as introducing a source of tainted EVE within its proximity may well have a negative effect on its thaumaturgical abilities.

Given the Plokamisuchus's ability to rapidly regenerate and adapt, these remain highly speculative means of assault. A high-powered, precise attack to a vital organ like the heart or brain, as the GOC used at Hy-Brasil, would likely be the most reliable means to neutralize future attacks.

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