'An Unforgettable Performance' 9S15F/FMUR9/AY1D9

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Status Renting
Demand High
Value 180000 USD/142000 GBP (Per rental); 700000 USD/550000 GBP (Per purchase)
Availability Established Supply Chain
Identifier An Unforgettable Performance
Description 1/4" reel-to-reel master tape recordings of concerts by 'Masked Mayhem', an AWCY? backed anmusic group. When played, immerses the listener in a multi-sensory, sense-modifying, full-body experience for a 20 minute duration. After the end of a session, users are able to remember the 'experience' itself, but cannot recall the content of the concert in any way.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Initial Report
Author Leonard Mitchell Date July 05, 2004
Interest Medium Identifier An Unforgettable Performance
At our recent anart exhibition in The Three Portlands, I attended an AWCY? backed show titled "A show you'll never remember, a night you'll never forget". While it's properties inherently make it hard to describe, it really was an amazing experience. I got a hold of one of the musicians after the performance, and he explained that the music immerses those who hear it into a full-body, multi-sensory experience in order to "redefine the way they experience music".

I was able to get one copy of the performance from the aforementioned performer, if we could produce or procure more we could make a killing renting these out to interested buyers. The fact that you forget the exact details of it while still remembering how it made you feel means it would be trivially easy to get consistent, repeat business as well.

We would have to negotiate something with AWCY? to get another performance done that we could record ourselves; personal experimentation has shown that making copies of my tape results in significant degradation of the experience, likely because my copy is a cassette tape- they said the experience does not manifest in digital copies or recordings. Of course, this is no problem- it would be trivial for us to create a 1/4", 50 IPS "master tape" for our purposes.

I also acquired a copy of the original project proposal through the performer I mentioned earlier, I've attached it below.
File Opened Under: 9S15F/FMUR9/AY1D9
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
External Report 01
Organisation Are We Cool Yet? Acquired July 05, 2004
Method of Acquisition Acquired from band member by associate.███████████████████████████
Document (See Below)
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP.
Inventory Information
Owner Quantity Comments
Marshall, Carter, and Dark, LLP 15 Additional tapes can be made on demand
Are We Cool Yet? ~8 Personal copies
Customers 9 Limited sale of master copies
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Incident Report 01
Author Leonard Mitchell Date October 11th, 2005
While rentals have largely been running smoothly for the past year, we've begun having problems with some of our repeat customers complaining that the experience is no longer "potent enough". We've had multiple requests to either modify or somehow intensify the experience- modifying the tape after it's been recorded is impossible as far as we know, and as such so is intensifying it, so I suggest wrangling AWCY? to make some new recordings, to change things up.

If we don't do anything, I'm concerned that our sales could drop off sharply as customer interest wanes.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo 01
Sender Russell Sutherland Recipient Leonard Mitchell
I've contacted our friends at AWCY? and they have agreed to come into the studio to record once again in order for us to make a couple new master tapes.

For this run, we're just going to do a standard performance, only slightly tweaked. We're refreshing our offering, not remaking it.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo 02
Sender Leonard Mitchell Recipient Russell Sutherland
Our repeat customers are still complaining that the content is "stale" despite refreshing our tapes- it's possible we'll have to try something more creative and drastic if we want to recapture our longstanding customers.

This is becoming a matter of increasing importance; we're getting more complaints every day. We've already lost a few renters, and even one client who had lined up to purchase a copy for himself.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo 03
Sender Auguste Renaud Recipient Russell Sutherland
While modifying the performance isn't off the cards, with how "direct" the effects on the participants are, any changes could have unforeseen and potentially very messy consequences. I'll talk to the band members, but unless they already have something in the works, I doubt we can come up with something in the time frame you need. We're anartists, not miracle workers, despite what some may think.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo 04
Sender Lock Edwards Recipient Russell Sutherland
Hey, so you said we need to change some things up with the performance? Well, we've had a few things we've been toying with, and the next tapes you receive should have some brand new music. Conner's solo particularly should enhance the performance—in fact, if you want, bring in some friends or clients or whatever you call them, the experience is always stronger first hand.

Remember to tell anyone who's opting out to put in their earplugs firmly. I got a strongly worded email from one of your suits about a week ago after they experienced the show's full effects unexpectedly. How'd they get my email address anyways?
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Incident Report 02
Author Russell Sutherland Date January 3rd, 2006
As a special offer, we sold a limited number of tickets to the Masked Mayhem performance we were originally intending to simply record. This ended up being a very successful promotion, and all available tickets were sold in a little under two days.

The show began smoothly, but during the short solo portion played by Conner South his earplugs became dislodged, exposing him to the effects of his own music. Now, the proposal document obtained from AWCY? says that this had actually occurred once before, and that they had protocol in place to deal with this. For whatever reason, this protocol wasn't successfully enacted, allowing Conner's music to self-amplify, the effects of the music causing him to play more intensely, thus amplifying the effects of the music, and so on. The sharp increase in intensity caused an overload of the senses, leading to minor brain damage in 68% of those attending, and severe brain damage in a further 12% of the audience, as well as one guard who's earplugs became dislodged in the commotion.

A majority of the members of Masked Mayhem made their escape after the incident; we are currently attempting to force AWCY? to turn over the remaining members, but they have so far been uncooperative. Soloist Conner South was found on the scene in a state of delirium, and was handed over to the proper authorities after his recovery.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
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