Amor Pati (Love to Suffer)

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"I ordered the lobster bisque. Considering the car crash, I suppose we can call this my second mistake."

Passion has little to do with euphoria and everything to do with patience. It is not about feeling good. It is about endurance. Like patience, passion comes from the same Latin root: pati. It does not mean to flow with exuberance. It means to suffer.1

Item of Interest: Document 0023

Associated With: PoI #0023/01, Dr. Annabelle Kraken, INK0023

Mastercopy Location: Document 0023 is to be stored in a bulletproof glass case in the second floor observation wing of the Pataphysics Department. The case is to remain locked at all times, in accordance with standard object containment protocols. Document 0023 is available to all Pataphysics personnel with appropriate clearance, should they wish to learn about it. Document 0023 is not itself an anomalous item, and poses no threat to researchers.

Following acquisition of Document 0023, Enkidu.aic has been programmed to report any Inciting Events similar to INK0023 to Pataphysics Site Head P. Panagiotopolous.

Description: INK0023 is the designation for a Multiversal Narritivistic Inciting Event2 shared by Level 4 Researcher Dr. Annabelle Kraken and Person of Interest #0023/01 (legal name O█████ ████████).

INK0023 occurred on 8/13/201█ at approximately 1500 hours, and lasted one minute and thirty-four (34) seconds. During this time, Dr. Kraken and PoI #0023/01 simultaneously performed the following actions in the following order:

  • Entered the right turn lane on the corner of █████ █████ Road and ███████ ████ Circle in ████████, Arizona, USA. Both subjects were driving a 2006 Toyota Avalon, painted dark green.
  • Performed the turn without checking the opposite lane for traffic.
  • Upon looking in the rearview mirror, noticed a vehicle about to hit her.
  • Swerved to the right to avoid impact.
  • Drove onto the sidewalk and made contact with a fire hydrant, causing irreparable damage to the vehicle.
  • Ceased movement and cut the engine, removing the keys.
  • Stayed in the vehicle for 23 seconds.
  • Exited vehicle, complaining verbally to self of chest pain.

As a result of INK0023, PoI #0023/01 developed anomalous cognitive functions that caused the spontaneous trigger of false sensory stimuli. These “hallucinations” mimicked the properties and anomalous functions of various SCP objects, seemingly at random3. Why INK0023 had this effect on its subjects is under investigation. The nature of Multiversal Narritivistic Inciting Events, and INKs in general, is currently poorly understood.

PoI #0023/01 began writing Document 0023 approximately five years after the conclusion of INK0023. From its contents, it has been determined that PoI #0023/01’s native reality was swn-001. Interestingly, PoI #0023/01 herself was not a swn-001-1 entity, and had no knowledge of the Foundation prior to INK0023.

Addendum: As of 04 Oct 2023 08:48, POI #0023/01’s status is unknown.

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