Amnestic Use Guide
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The following revision to
this document (version 7.8)
was approved by the
Ethics Committee on 07/21/2013 for
use by personnel at Research Site-45

Disclaimer: This is NOT to be used as a training manual. Training manuals are given during the actual classes. To request training, please send an official request to your immediate supervisor. Take note that this is a site specific document, please refer to your on-site protocols regarding amnestic use.

The purpose of this document is to provide Foundation personnel with a quick reference guide as to the usage, effects, and protocol regarding amnestics. An amnestic is an amnesia-inducing agent that can take many different forms. For the purposes of the Foundation, it is mainly used in suppressing sensitive information by expunging intangible memories. In most cases, they are applied post-incident.

The use of amnestics is decided on a case by case basis unless the authority of higher clearance levels is invoked as explained in the following pages. Amnestics are considered one of the most powerful tools in use by the Foundation. Great care and proper training is mandatory in the handling and application of amnestics in an appropriate manner.

The abuse of amnestics is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action, demotion, or both. In all cases, the Ethics Committee has the final word on approval and decisions regarding amnestic use and misuse respectively.

If you would like more information or to report suspected amnestic abuse, please use the online submission form below. All submissions will be sent to the Ethics Committee Amnestic Review Board.

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