Ambrose DC Restaurant Week
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Went with some friends for my first visit to this fabled spot. Was impressed. Service was impeccable, and the decor is wonderfully classy oak and brass as far as the mind's eye can see.

My favorite dish had to be their cloned meat. I couldn't decide between the Former Senator John Thune, or the Former Vice President Spiro Agnew, but my server recommended the Spiro, and I couldn't have been more pleased. Done to a perfect medium-rare, it nearly melted in my mouth. Will definitely be going back again!


Blech. Yet another out-of-district chain pretending to be "local." All the usual tripe, filled with political references with only cursory nods to the -actual- residents of DC. You know, us.

Go back to Three Portlands, or whatever hellhole you crawled out of. Your food is pretentious, your servers are snooty, and your decor is tres tacky.

And next time, think about maybe comping the check when you have a VERY IMPORTANT BLOGGER in your restaurant! Show some respect for local media!



Rented out the backroom for my birthday bash, and was blown away! The staff seemed to anticipate my every need, and the drinks were to die for. I swear the Norton cocktail cured my friend's cold.

As a special treat, I was allowed to pick one of their famous clone meats for the night! I chose former Tulsa Councilperson Adrianna Morrow. What a treat! When I arrived, I was taken by the charming manager, Jamal, to their carving station, where I got the first slice of Morrow. Not only that, but since I was the first served, Morrow was still conscious and aware enough for me to tell her what I *really* thought about the city's 2033 Waterworks Privatization Act. I thought for sure I'd only get to say a few words, but Jamal let me read her the whole damn riot act, even as they began to carve my my order of breastmeat. I know she was just a clone, but boy, did it feel good to tell her off. I swear I could still hear her sobbing during our dessert course, which made everything taste just that much better.

Thank you, Ambrose's, for making this my best birthday EVER.


Service was fine, and drinks were quick and a good size for the price.

My only complaint, after metroing all the way from Silver Spring, was that my half-smoke was… normal? Like, there were dancing chicken wings, and food that changed mid-bite, and whatever, but my half-smoke was just, like, a sausage.

I asked my server about it, like, you know, maybe it would cause me to hallucinate later, or age backwards or something, but all he said was "you don't fuck with a half-smoke." Lame.

Still, three stars, because it was really good.

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