Amai's Art Gallery
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This is a collection of various paintings, drawings and sketches that I've done about many SCPS and tales that I personally like. Some are older than other but I will try to expand it as much as I can while I read and read more.

Important disclaimer: Due to some issues with some drawings, if you want to use my work in any way such as redraws, youtube thumbnails or posting in a different social media. Please contact me first to ask me, for I will not allow the use of my work without proper credits, since the license doesn't allow it either.


EN characters

SCP Personel

These characters are from the EN branch, some drawings have hard lighting and colors, please be careful.

EVE: Tokyo Ghetto

Characters in the style of Tokyo Ghetto by Eve.

Hispanic SCPs

Hispanic GoI Formats

ES characters

ES Character Cards

Groups of Interest





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