Alzin Cdag's Barber Shop and Hair Salon
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Logo of the Foundation's in-house hair salon, "Ali, Zhang, Cadmus and Agamemnon"

Well, howdy there, Partner!

Welcome to the Hair Salon of Ali, Zhang, Cadmus, and Agamemnon. I'm Charlie Cadmus, but my friends call me Chuck. Ali, Zhang, and Aggie are all at different Sites at the moment, so it's just me today. Have a seat and pick out a hairstyle from that book. Or are you here for our full-service spa?

You know, some folks here at the Foundation tend to look down on us hairdressers, what with all their fancy-schmancy degrees and doctorates. I'm sure it's not warranted; why, we shave the Foundation all the time! Ha ha, ain't I a riot? … you've heard that one before, haven't you? Of course you have, this isn't your first time here.

Yes, you've been here before.

See, the O4's got to thinking, who's the one person that most people feel comfortable talking to? And they answered themselves, the local barber. The seat of gossip of a small community. It's the best way to get you to unburden yourself of the small details that slip your mind when you're at a regular debrief. So you might as well enjoy the spa while you're here, too. You certainly won't remember it afterwards.

But gossip requires a certain quid pro quo. Being that you're getting the full amnestic treatment afterwards, there's a certain… laxity in the security measures of the information I'm allowed to talk to you about.


FaCapitalize Key Broken (L-47432)


Am011-Amos and the Reverse Trolley Problem

TrTime-Reversed Corpse


FoThe Forgeries of Jealousy


ErThe Erysichthon Model


AkAmbrose: Terran Food For the Keplerian Palate!


SyIt Seems Like Years Since It's Been Here


VtViKarious ToMe™

What was that? No, even I don't know whether any of that was the truth. But that's not what gossip's for, is it? Did you enjoy it? Then please, will you give some feedback? I need to report to the O4's what went right and what went wrong so the next customer will leave even happier than you.

Well, look at the time! We've been yapping for hours, and it's about that time where we'll have to amnesticize you.

Just sit in this chair, and let's lower the dome over your head… And think of nice stuff, like daisies and rainbows.

Well, what a nice person they were! …. Come on. Zhang, Agamemnon, your turn to wheel them back to their quarters. Ali, with me.

We've got some writing to do.

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