Alternate Hypotheses
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We gotta keep our own, don't we?

That's what my dear Momma always said. If ya got something earned, or somethin' that's yours, keep it safe. Don't let any o' them outside peepers come creepin' in, tryin' to make off with somethin' of yours. She wanted to keep away from them folks, to live with what we already got.

I kept care of Momma and Sue Ann fer all my life. Side by side, we lived'n peace, and sometimes comfort, if we was lucky. We each had our protection, an' used it well. But, sometimes it wadn't enough. Momma passed back in '48, bless her heart. Big storm knocked her right over, an' she never got up. Sue Ann got to be with Momma some years after, with a rusted heart.

But y'can't let yerself fall apart when some'n your own ain't around anyplace. I kept up, remembrin' them and keepin' to my own, like Momma woulda wanted me to. Keepin' it safe. The protector don't quite look like what he used to be, but that don't change a thing, now does it? Still keeps to me, like I do t'him. Y'all should've kept to yerselves, 'stead of headin' here.

You folks never learn. Comin' onto someone else's land ain't respectful, and then up and lyin' about it don't help. I chased yer buddies away, maybe they'll think twice about coming back. Anythin's possible. Lookit em' run. They go quick when they scared, don't they?

Now, uh, fer you. See, my protector's been gettin' on in his years, and he don't have the spring to his step what like he used to. Tellin' me he's tired, and wants rest. The man deserves to rest more'n anyone. But, I still need a protector.

You like beans? Aww, well you'll learn't love 'em, soon.

INCIDENT 1270-██
On ██/██/201█, several agents were performing routine reconnaissance into SCP-1270's second floor. During this time, SCP-1270-1 suddenly manifested and began attacking personnel, injuring ██ and fatally wounding █. Following the incident, Agent Fowells, who had been with the reconnaissance team, was found to be missing. His current status is MIA.

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