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Гла́вное разве́дывательное управле́ние

APPROVED 30.IV.1986 PRINTOUT NR: 1 SIGNED .................. S
DETAIL OSI "ALMA KYIVSHCHYNA" is the designation for a population of large hominids, numbering approximately 90 individuals, which was discovered by military liquidators in a section of dense forest outside of Pripyat. The individuals are bipedal non-human primates, characterized by fur that covers their entire body and a prominent forehead crest. They are believed to be nocturnal, forest-dwelling, and hostile.

The "ALMA KYIVSHCHYNA" population inhabits the entire region of forest, displaying aggression to those that enter this territory; however, this aggression has not exceeded threatening vocalizations and attempts to chase out perceived intruders. Reports claim populations of "ALMA KYIVSCHYNA" have been spotted in towns and villages outside the Chernobyl nuclear power plant following its recent core meltdown.

Basic intelligence tests performed in the field on "ALMA KYIVSCHYNA" reveal a similar level of intelligence to that of non-human primates such as chimpanzees. Basic problem solving skills, and cognitive ability could be observed. Signs of higher level intelligence have not been observed, but may be potentially observable in a controlled environment, within a secure facility. Considerations ongoing.

Currently, the population poses no possible threat to state security, and have been pushed back into a more isolated area of forest. However, due to their appearance and potential ability to inspire mythological and fantastical thoughts in civilians, the spread of information about "ALMA KYIVSCHYNA" is to be swiftly contained. The fate of the population itself is to be decided at a later date.

Proposed uses:

(i) Medical and Chemical Testing - Approved - Due to their biological similarity to humans, the population can be used as testing subjects for anomalous/non-anomalous weaponry, medicine and other products.
(i) Sustenance Livestock - Rejected - The recent incident at Chernobyl has created a massive amount of unexpected soldiers and liquidators moving into the area. These can be fed with meat from the population, claimed to be beef or pork.
(i) Pack Mules - Rejected - The Chernobyl incident has also created a lot of military and clean-up material which needs to be moved from one place to another. The population appears strong enough to lift heavy material and could be utilised for this purpose.
2.V.1986 D.NR: 5-VI-1986 ATTACHED TO DOCUMENT 4-VI-1986
SENDER: Rozhkov L. Yevgenievich RECIPIENT: Vasnev Georgiy
DETAIL After reading the reports from the field, I would like some specimens to be collected and brought to the facility just outside of Vyshhorod. Despite their seemingly simple nature, they are primates, and Western scientists have achieved great success with training chimpanzees and gorillas into displaying higher intelligence.

Due to the more human-like physiology of the "ALMA KYIVSCHYNA", they should be much easier to train with tools. If I don't achieve any success, then the specimens can be swiftly returned to the general population.

Continue to keep information about the population from spreading - especially to regular Party members. Have the individuals delivered to the facility in 3 days time.
6.V.1986 D.NR: 11-VI-1986 ATTACHED TO DOCUMENT 4-VI-1986
SENDER: Rozhkov L. Yevgenievich RECIPIENT: Vasnev Georgiy
DETAIL Over the last few days I have run extensive testing on three of the "ALMA KYIVSCHYNA" organisms. I have come to the gradual conclusion that they are completely unlike typical non-human primates, putting physiology aside. While most of the time, they do not display higher intelligence, there were a good number of instances in which I was completely surprised. I will document some of these instances below.

I had presented one of the beings with a piece of paper and a pencil in order to see if it could express anything through writing. There was little progress for multiple hours - apart from a space of around 6 minutes, when it suddenly began to perfectly and accurately write down the dimensions of the room it was placed in, my name (which I had told it) and the word-for-word instructions I had given it. This could not be repeated again.

One of the organisms was presented with a simple plastic puzzle to retrieve a piece of food. It then proceeded to meticulously and systematically dismantle the puzzle into its individual components, while not even seeming interested in the food item. This was only able to be repeated once - all other tests had the puzzle solved normally.

This final incident is, without measure, the most significant. Orangutans and chimpanzees create nests at night in order to rest. One of the beings was left alone overnight with some assorted vegetation. When I returned in the morning, instead of a nest, there were 3 orb-like structures. I managed to retrieve one, but the being acted hostile to these creations and destroyed two when the chamber was entered. The creation was made purely from the vegetation, but when I put pressure on a small raised area on the side, the top of the orb opened up smoothly. Some food was stored inside. It was like a machine.

Something is locked away in these organisms, hidden underneath a layer of animalistic simpleness. Two things are going to happen now. The first is that the rest of the "ALMA KYIVSHCHYNA" population is to be rounded up and detained. The second is that our entire collection of anomalous technology is to be thoroughly searched for anything relating to intelligence and cognitive ability.

These beings could provide a useful asset to the State besides simple testing. It is imperative that this usefulness is completely explored.
10.V.1986 D.NR: 12-VI-1986 ATTACHED TO DOCUMENT 4-VI-1986
SENDER: Rozhkov L. Yevgenievich RECIPIENT: Vasnev Georgiy
DETAIL Something useful has been found.

Well, "useful" is perhaps the wrong word. Something with the potential to be useful has been found. It's a serum we pulled from a collection in Samarkand. It dates back to the 14th century, and was believed to have been used by the noted Tamerlane to sharpen his skills as a military strategist. The serum's function, unlocking past memories and increasing intelligence, proved vital in his extensive conquests. However, it needs to be synthesised and picked apart, as it is not currently functional. But the basis is still there. And we have the best anomalous scientists in the world - it can be done.

As well as a synthesis, it needs to be developed in order to be applicable to the brain structure of the "ALMA KYIVSCHYNA" beings. And, on top of that, a device needs to be developed to house and administer the serum. There is a lot of work ahead, but as I've said - it can certainly be done.

It has occurred to me, and some others, that it is as if nature has provided us with a potential solution to the situation at Chernobyl. If we do manage to unlock something within them, then it is highly possible they can assist with the cleanup - and they might be extremely motivated to do so, due to the incident's disturbance of their habitat. This could be the solution to our difficulties in cleaning and containing the Chernobyl incident.

Right now, the rest of the beings are being moved into a secure facility. I will assist the scientist in the development of the serum. Keep a close eye on all the individuals and note down any examples of higher intelligence being displayed.
APPROVED 11.V.1986 PRINTOUT NR: 1 SIGNED .................. CS
DEPARTMENT HEAD III-P-9-GRU D.NR: 2-VII-1986 PROJECT TARGET: To develop and construct a device by which the latent intelligence and awareness of "ALMA KYIVSHCHYNA" beings can be brought forth and stimulated.

PROJECT HEAD: Rozhkov L. Yevgenievich
DETAIL The population of unidentified humanoid species discovered near Pripyat, designated "ALMA KYIVSHCHYNA," has been found to possess a potential for cognition and technological capability far surpassing expected levels. It is the belief of the project team that if this potential can be unlocked, these beings can be effectively used as workers to assist in reactor cleanup efforts due to their durable physiology, nocturnal behavior, and other physical characteristics.

The components of this project are as follows:

(i) An anomalous serum, chemically resynthesized from past samples; capable of resurfacing forgotten memories and abilities, drastically accelerating the forming of new neural connections, and increasing the brain's capacity for higher-order mental processes. This serum has been modified based on DNA scans of "ALMA KYIVSHCHYNA" individuals, and the molecular concentration multiplied approximately tenfold.
(ii) A device capable of injecting this liquid into key areas of the brain simultaneously, followed by a series of electroconvulsive shocks. This device takes the form of a heavy, grey skull attachment with eight gun-like needles bolted on the inside shell. When activated, the needles are designed to synchronously enter the skull and affect all cranial regions. The electroconvulsive shocks have been deemed a necessary component of the procedure to maximize the speed and the intensity of effect.

I will test this procedure on two specimens and ascertain their greater benefit to the Soviet cause. I am confident that we will soon see them prove their worth. They certainly have reason to.
14.V.1986 D.NR: 5-VII-1986 ATTACHED TO DOCUMENT 4-VI-1986
SENDER: Rozhkov L. Yevgenievich RECIPIENT: Vasnev Georgiy
DETAIL Firstly I would like to thank you for your warm words regarding Project "BABEL". I am well aware of the sacrifices that have been made and continue to be made to protect the people of the affected regions and I am honored to serve the Soviet Union in this duty.

I am also proud to announce a breakthrough - one that may well be exactly what we need. As I expected, the procedure worked completely. In fact, the abilities of the ALMA KYIVSHCHYNA go beyond anything any of us could ever dream. Although they were initially hostile, through repeated and regular conversation I was able to forge a camaraderie with them, which their ability to quickly learn and grasp language made considerably easier. They are ancient, and highly advanced beings. They have offered the usage of their own paratech, labor force, and knowledge to assist in the resolution of the Chernobyl crisis. I have attached an interview log and the proposed terms of our alliance to this document.

Additionally, I have noted your concerns that the concentration of the serum solution exceeds the typical bounds of safe usage; however, it is important to note that the physiology of the beings is significantly different and can handle a more intense dosage. Also, the degree to which they have been cognitively decelerated (for what reason I am still unclear on—the beings remain evasive on this issue) requires that to reach their peak ability drastic measures must be taken. In fact, it may not even be enough yet.

I look forward to meeting you in person this week to discuss the management of this matter further.
14.V.1986 D.NR: 6-VI-1986 ATTACHED TO DOCUMENT 5-VII-1986
TRANSCRIPT Attached is the transcript of an excerpted interview of a single individual from the "ALMA KYIVSCHYNA" group that has been enhanced through project "BABEL". Interviewer is project second-in-command Ikanov Yaroslavovich.

IY: Do you understand me?
AK-1: Jailers…yes, I understand the situation well. Your kind desecrated this land, hold us prisoner—and now seek to speak to us? To reverse your ancient sin? I understand the situation, but your motives elude me.
IY: My name is Ikanov Yaroslavovich. I am not holding you prisoner. I want to help you. What do you call yourself?
AK-1: How you and yours forget what is conveniently painful. We are the Yeren, those who your kin subjected to the day of flowers, those who shackled and culled us. There is little help you could render us. You have broken the shackles upon our minds, true; but everything else that was once ours is no more.
IY: I am not like those that hurt you. I assure you, we can improve the conditions of your people's lives. Please, listen to what I have to say.
AK-1: The soul of cruelty is still part of you, part of all the children of the Sun. You may have buried it underneath your civilization, but your hearts have not changed.
IY: Perhaps that's true. But we need to set that aside if we are to both gain from this.
AK-1: You took from us the world. Cities that touched the ends of the Earth. The mastery of biology and technology as one seamless unit. The peak of civilization.
IY: And…is this technology still available to you?
AK-1: It is dust now as it has been for thousands of years. We have kept the knowledge of it still.
IY: A few weeks ago, there was an incident near your home. An accident, involving a nuclear reactor. It has caused many problems for our people, and I would venture that it has affected you as well.
AK-1: Yes. You tried to take advantage of the atom and it bit back at you. You should be thankful things were not worse. For a people in your state you would be lucky to have any mastery over this power at all.
IY: We've both been hurt by this accident. The destruction of the land is a problem for both of us. I think we can help each other, so that we can deal with the fallout faster and return to the way things were faster.
AK-1: This offer you make is one out of self-interest. Do not think I cannot see through you. Without the knowledge and the machines we can wield, you would have to surrender this region forever. You do not have the ability to cleanse this crime you created, so you seek to take advantage of our bodies and minds. But you are also clever. By performing this procedure upon us, returning us to our full power, you place me into a hopeless position. If I refuse your offer, I will condemn all the rest of my people to exile from our home for all of time.
[The being is silent for several seconds.]
AK-1: I will work with your organization. I lend to you my knowledge and my people. I will help you deal with the consequences of your disaster.

Results of further communication are detailed in the subsequently attached document.
14.V.1986 D.NR: 7-VII-1986 ATTACHED TO DOCUMENT 5-VII-1986
SENDER: Rozhkov L. Yevgenievich RECIPIENT: Vasnev Georgiy
DETAIL The following is an extensive summary of the agreement that has been made between myself and the two enhanced "ALMA KYIVSCHYNA" beings, relating to the containment and clean-up of the Chernobyl incident, reached after as much extensive communication as was possible.

The beings will provide us with man-power and co-operation in cleaning up the Chernobyl incident. Furthermore, using their apparent knowledge of bio-technology, they will work on creating some pieces of technology which can provide a greater use than the ones that we currently possess. The exact nature of this technology is not clear, as the beings refuse to elaborate on it.

However, as expected, there are also conditions for us. Once the clean-up is complete, the beings wish to be fully enhanced and returned to their original location of discovery, before being left completely undisturbed by human forces. This has been formally agreed to, and the necessary arrangements are currently being made with officials in the local Oblast for this to occur after the clean-up is complete.

Please send this attachment onward to higher Party officials outside of the division so they can have their input.
15.V.1986 D.NR: 25-VI-1986 ATTACHED TO DOCUMENT 5-VII-1986
SENDER: Pashin Antonovich RECIPIENT: Rozhkov L. Yevgenievich
DETAIL I am sending this message to express a minor concern I had regarding the enhancement technology we are using on the "ALMA KYIVSHCHYNA" beings.

During the development of the device, some brief testing was done on a few samples of primate brain tissue in order to correctly match up the baseline serum to enhance the cognition of the new beings. As is obvious, the testing was a success and so the development of the technology proceeded smoothly without issue.

This morning, we happened to be disposing of the sample tissue and decided to have a final look. What we saw was… fairly disturbing. The Schwann cells around the brain neuron axons had totally broken down. The synapses of the nerve cells were no longer firing or responding to any form of stimulus. This was confirmed to be the case in approximately 60% of the sample tissue, and was confirmed by numerous personnel.

While I do not believe that this issue necessarily compromises the project as a whole, I still believe it is enough of a concern for a somewhat in-depth investigation.

I appreciate your time in receiving this message.
15.V.1986 D.NR: 8-VII-1986 ATTACHED TO DOCUMENT 5-VII-1986
SENDER: Rozhkov L. Yevgenievich RECIPIENT: Pashin Antonovich
DETAIL Thank you for the message of concern regarding Project Babel.

The issue you described has been looked into, and all the signs point to the fact that this issue does not seem to be a major concern. As you yourself mention, the tissue used was not from the "ALMA KYIVSCHYNA" beings themselves, so it is largely not applicable.

Furthermore, if what you described was a serious issue, then it stands to reason that the beings would be experiencing neurological issues currently - and they clearly are not.

Nonetheless, thank you for your concern. The Division, and the Soviet Union, is always grateful to have such vigilant individuals such as yourself.
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