Alias Personnel File
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“Alias” Personnel File

Security Clearance Level: 3

Occupation: Field Agent

Description:  Agent ████ "Alias" ████████ is a first-response agent, assigned to investigate unverified reports of paranormal activity.  [DATA EXPUNGED] has taken to wearing gloves and a full face-mask, leaving no skin exposed.  Alias has an unusual reaction to darkness, claiming to find it comforting rather than frightening, and has expressed a preference for assignments that take him to isolated underground locations.

Alias suffers from severe myopia and has been equipped with specially designed prescription night-vision goggles for use on missions.


Alias has been instrumental in the retrieval and/or classification of the following SCPs:
SCP-223 - A Photo Album
SCP-247 - A Harmless Kitten
SCP-312 - Atmospheric Jellyfish
SCP-370 - A Key
SCP-742 - Retrovirus
SCP-585 - Sharpeners
SCP-752 - Altruistic Utopia
SCP-817 - Random Metamorphism

Additionally, Alias has contributed to the containment or retrieval of the following SCPs
SCP-305 - The Whisperer

Incident Report 086-0
The Little Lost ██████
Mr Laugh

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