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SCP-2167: Demon Gate Amplifier

My first SCP. Highly technical and may not be for everyone, but for those who like technical SCPs this is a good one for you.

A Brief Explanation of Demonics

This tale gives a brief history of demonics technology. If you like pseudo-history you'll like this.


Prometheus Labs did it again. A must-have for any extra-dimensional explorer.

SCP-2564: Willow Glen Community Hospital

A coauthored SCP with TrainMan2001 does not match any existing user name, this skip took some fairly heavy historical research to make sure the details all line up. Will you be able to figure out what really happened?

Redzone RedDB Archive Asynchronous Copy Vulnerability

A document from a Prometheus Labs ofshoot company called Redzone Security, which focuses on anomalous and anomaly-handling software. And with that comes anomalous bugs and security holes too. Written for mtf2016.

Your First Support Assignment

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Tale involving computers and infohazards. Written for mtf2016.

SCP-2234: Great Deals on Pineal Removal

This SCP covers a wide range of anomalous computer viruses. This was a collaboration with Some_PotatoSome_Potato for mtf2016.

Blue Team

Written last-minute to meet judging eligibility requirements for mtf2016. Not my best work, but gott'er done. I am currently working on a total rewrite of this article.

SCP-2276: Too many GRACE

In 2002, NASA launched a pair of satellites for the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) program. But somehow, additional copies started appearing, and while useful they have some significant consequences.

Elementary Time Travel And Causal Analysis

This is a textbook for an introductory time travel course taught at SCPU.

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