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File photo of D-41562.
An instance of Anas platyrhynchos.

Personnel #: D-41562

Clearance: Level-0

Pronouns: she/he/any

Nationality: United States of America

Prior Profession: Software Engineer

DOB: 19██/██/██


Disposability Rating: 4

Medical Notes:

  • Class-2 Amnestic Resistance
  • Medium Cognitive Resistance Value (9.3)
  • Dislikes nuts (not allergic)

Involved Projects:

SCP-4339: The Attribute Pen (+152) (29 💬)

D-91386 was told to say "my name is D-88111".
D-88111's identification was changed.

Written: 21 Nov 2018 03:38
Last Edited: 26 Aug 2021 18:26 by aismallard
Last Commented: 22 Oct 2020 14:52 by (user deleted)
Tags: concept ethics-committee ontokinetic safe scp tool
Translations: CN, JP, ES

SCP-3597: Maladroit (+205) (18 💬)
For: Cliché-Con

Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Written: 02 Jan 2019 20:13
Last Edited: 23 Jan 2021 23:29 by aismallard
Last Commented: 18 Apr 2020 05:58 by barredowl
Tags: cliche2019 cognitohazard concept euclid immobile infohazard location meta scp visual
Translations: CN, DE, JP, RU, ES, UK

SCP-4447: Sasha's Super Shuttle Service! (+141) (12 💬)

When the anomaly is activated, the individuals, including their clothing, attached equipment, and jewelry, immediately switch positions.

Written: 04 Feb 2019 12:57
Last Edited: 03 Oct 2021 07:54 by LemonBee12
Last Commented: 19 Mar 2019 13:23 by M487
Tags: marshall-carter-and-dark metallic safe scp telepathic teleportation

SCP-1294-J: Watering-down Can (+95) (13 💬)

Oak wood restraints painted cyan and reinforced with lead-telekill-iron-oxide alloy have been attached to the object to prevent spills.

Written: 12 Mar 2019 01:25
Last Edited: 10 Sep 2021 02:22 by aismallard
Last Commented: 17 Dec 2019 01:28 by aismallard
Tags: ectoentropic euclid indestructible joke meta scp
Translations: CN

SCP-4322: Sleepless Dreams (+139) (19 💬)

SCP-4322 is a radio transceiver, anomalously modified to transmit psionic waves instead of electromagnetic radiation.

Written: 13 May 2019 12:52
Last Edited: 18 Apr 2021 07:54 by Sirslash47
Last Commented: 23 Jun 2021 19:08 by Thopter
Tags: appliance auditory electrical end-of-death ethics-committee foundation-made hallucination scp telepathic thaumiel transmission visual
Translations: CN, CS, FR, JP, RU, ES

SCP-4406: SUDDEN THUNDER (+51) (6 💬)
Written with: pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul
For: Collab-Con

SCP-4406 is highly advanced surveillance software, which masks itself from the host operating system by means of an electronic antimeme.

Written: 28 Jun 2019 15:21
Last Edited: 26 Aug 2021 18:26 by aismallard
Last Commented: 27 Jun 2021 15:16 by Thopter
Tags: co-authored collab-con2019 concept electronic neutralized pentagram scp uncontained unusual-incidents-unit

SCP-4838: Lover's Quarrel (+119) (16 💬)

I know this is a hard time for us, but I truly do love you. We are strong, we'll make it through this.

Written: 02 Jul 2019 18:45
Last Edited: 12 Oct 2021 12:01 by LemonBee12
Last Commented: 01 Sep 2020 15:13 by Khym Chanur
Tags: cognitohazard document ectoentropic neutralized predatory scp sentient teleportation
Translations: CN, JP, RU, TH

&SCP-4853 (+182) (23 💬)

The only designation which may be applied to SCP-4853 is SCP-4853.

Written: 10 Jul 2019 19:38
Last Edited: 05 Jun 2021 01:20 by aismallard
Last Commented: 24 May 2020 21:30 by barredowl
Tags: concept infohazard keter meta reviewers-spotlight scp
Translations: CN, JP, KO, RU, ES, ZH

SCP-4781: Sour and Dill (+138) (28 💬)

Specimens of SCP-4781 exhibit a cognitohazardous effect, causing misidentification of the anomaly and its effects as non-anomalous dill pickles.

Written: 06 Oct 2019 15:48
Last Edited: 23 Jan 2021 23:32 by aismallard
Last Commented: 01 Oct 2021 04:44 by marinemashup
Tags: alive cognitohazard invertebrate keter scp sensory species
Translations: CN, JP, KO, RU, ES

SCP-5900: PITCHBLACK (+144) (24 💬)
For: 5k-Con

During this time, surveillance satellites, Site-07 communications, intelligence processing, and IntSCPFN file sync were inoperable. The full extent and nature of the anomaly are presently unknown.

Written: 21 Jan 2020 04:01
Last Edited: 01 Mar 2021 01:22 by aismallard
Last Commented: 15 Nov 2021 00:47 by tapnek
Tags: 5000 computer concept electronic esoteric-class scp uncontained
Translations: CN, ES

SCP-5633: This Will Require A Great Amount of Blood (+42) (31 💬)
Written with: Rex AtlasRex Atlas, Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby, JackalRelatedJackalRelated, magna2smagna2s, ModulumModulum, RounderhouseRounderhouse, Sterbai Sterbai , TuftoTufto, Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini, WoedenazWoedenaz, YossipossiYossipossi

SCP-5633 is a large humanoid body located approximately 50m underground. The inside of SCP-5633 consists of enlarged veins, and steel scaffolding. The veins contain liquid that is both red and black in coloration, and highly viscous. Pipes extracting liquid from SCP-5633's veins are located along its arms, legs and back.

Written: 23 Jul 2020 16:16
Last Edited: 27 Aug 2021 23:44 by BoredDog
Last Commented: 26 Aug 2021 20:41 by TL333s
Tags: biological cadaver co-authored compulsion humanoid liquid meta neutralized sapient scp sentient subterranean temporal thermal
Translations: CN

SCP-5510: Universal Remote (+285) (71 💬)

Your session will expire after 118 seconds of inactivity.

Written: 17 Nov 2020 22:22
Last Edited: 20 Oct 2021 14:14 by LemonBee12
Last Commented: 23 Oct 2021 02:05 by Jack Waltz
Tags: appliance meta safe scp temporal
Translations: CN, CS, FR, JP, KO, PL, RU, ES, TH, ZH, UK

SCP-5502: Where the Smoke Trail Ends (+30) (7 💬)

SCP-5502 refers to an event on 2034/05/05 at around 04:10 UTC wherein all Fifthist-related anomalies known to the Foundation became neutralized.

Written: 30 Dec 2020 04:26
Last Edited: 05 Jun 2021 02:19 by aismallard
Last Commented: 17 Aug 2021 18:01 by LORDXVNV
Tags: appliance art-exchange electronic esoteric-class fifthist memetic religious scp
Translations: JP, ES

SCP-5134: Itchy (+38) (15 💬)

Consequently, any physical contact on an infected individual will permanently scrape off that area of bodily tissue.

Written: 01 Mar 2021 16:52
Last Edited: 20 Mar 2021 00:37 by aismallard
Last Commented: 04 Apr 2021 20:38 by MalyceGraves
Tags: biohazard contagion fungus keter scp transfiguration
Translations: JP, ES

SCP-5446: Shock Troops (+32) (3 💬)
For: JamCon 2021

Originally SCP-5446 was held in a Site-19 locker before being requisitioned to produce sea-based security personnel.

Written: 23 Mar 2021 02:53
Last Edited: 25 Mar 2021 20:03 by Naepic
Last Commented: 28 Apr 2021 17:50 by Photosynthetic
Tags: artifact chaos-insurgency jam-con2021 metallic safe scp transfiguration

SCP-5871: Retroactive Knife (+66) (6 💬)
For: JamCon 2021

The object was discovered in an anomalous burial site within modern-day Mongolia in 1831 and was created in 2020.

Written: 24 Mar 2021 10:02
Last Edited: 01 Apr 2021 05:51 by aismallard
Last Commented: 12 Oct 2021 19:57 by NoName2087
Tags: foundation-made jam-con2021 paradox ritual scp stone temporal thaumiel weapon
Translations: CN

SCP-6140: The True Empire (+521) (121 💬)
Written with: stormbreathstormbreath
For: 6k-Con

Daevite control of nuclear weapons and ICBMs for delivery is a certainty.

Written: 27 May 2021 15:01
Last Edited: 30 Jul 2021 18:27 by Vivarium
Last Commented: 22 Oct 2021 02:11 by NKutunari
Tags: 6000 able cain co-authored daevite historical k-class-scenario location neutralized ontokinetic religious ritual scarlet-king scp
Translations: CN, JP, KO, RU, ES

Field Reports:

The Heart of the Beast: The Heart of the Beast (+61) (6 💬)
For: Canon Renaissance Contest

Fae shook her head. "I really don't know. But — at least we can make his last week here a happy one."

Written: 15 Oct 2020 03:23
Last Edited: 19 Sep 2021 04:13 by Deadly Bread
Last Commented: 30 May 2021 23:25 by marinemashup
Tags: canon2020 faeowynn-wilson global-occult-coalition hard-to-kill-reptile nobody tale tim-wilson unfounded wilsons-wildlife
Translations: CN, PT

The Pumpkin Mystery: The Pumpkin Mystery (+30) (3 💬)
For: JamCon 2021

Early on the morning after, residents gathered in shock before the ruins of our Civic Center, surrounded by uprooted trees and shreds of pumpkins throughout the park.

Written: 23 Mar 2021 19:32
Last Edited: 02 Sep 2021 22:26 by aismallard
Last Commented: 10 Aug 2021 20:13 by BoredDog
Tags: global-occult-coalition jam-con2021 tale unfounded
Translations: CN, PT

Documents recovered from Groups of Interest:

UIU File: 2017-102: WHISPER IN THE WIND (+51) (4 💬)
GoI: Unusual Incidents Unit
Written with: pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul
For: Collab-Con

Once delivered to a host, WHISPER is capable of inspecting, modifying, and emptying the host's counters and registers at will.

Written: 28 Jun 2019 15:17
Last Edited: 02 Aug 2020 22:03 by aismallard
Last Commented: 03 Dec 2020 23:16 by Mr Lapin
Tags: co-authored collab-con2019 goi-format pentagram prometheus unusual-incidents-unit
Translations: CN

Case files:

Finding Asmodeus: Finding Asmodeus (+54) (6 💬)
For: Canon Renaissance Contest

Written: 15 Oct 2020 03:38
Last Edited: 02 Sep 2021 22:15 by aismallard
Last Commented: 31 May 2021 21:03 by TheBoxOfFun
Tags: canon2020 hub parawatch unfounded
Translations: CN, KO, PT, RU

Other documents:


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