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File photo of D-41562.
An instance of Anas platyrhynchos.

Personnel #: D-41562

Clearance: Level-0

Pronouns: she/it

Nationality: United States of America

Prior Profession: Software Engineer

DOB: 19██/██/██


Disposability Rating: 4

Medical Notes:

  • Class-2 Amnestic Resistance
  • Medium Cognitive Resistance Value (9.3)
  • Dislikes nuts (not allergic)

Involved Projects:

SCP-4339: The Attribute Pen (+196) (31 💬)

D-91386 was told to say "my name is D-88111".
D-88111's identification was changed.

Written: 21 Nov 2018 03:38
Last Edited: 01 Oct 2022 18:30 by Jerden
Last Commented: 26 Jan 2023 00:16 by Fernlom
Tags: concept ethics-committee reality-bending safe scp tool
Translations: CN, ES, JP, PT

SCP-3597: Maladroit (+227) (18 💬)
For: Cliché-Con

Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Written: 02 Jan 2019 20:13
Last Edited: 22 Oct 2022 07:53 by Jerden
Last Commented: 18 Apr 2020 05:58 by barredowl
Tags: cliche2019 cognitohazard concept euclid immobile infohazard location meta scp visual
Translations: CN, DE, ES, JP, RU, UA

SCP-4447: Sasha's Super Shuttle Service! (+155) (16 💬)

When the anomaly is activated, the individuals, including their clothing, attached equipment, and jewelry, immediately switch positions.

Written: 04 Feb 2019 12:57
Last Edited: 01 Oct 2022 18:06 by Aftokrator
Last Commented: 12 Sep 2022 11:03 by Mal0gen
Tags: marshall-carter-and-dark safe scp telepathic teleportation
Translations: CN

SCP-1294-J: Watering-down Can (+114) (13 💬)

Oak wood restraints painted cyan and reinforced with lead-telekill-iron-oxide alloy have been attached to the object to prevent spills.

Written: 12 Mar 2019 01:25
Last Edited: 06 Sep 2022 10:47 by aismallard
Last Commented: 17 Dec 2019 01:28 by aismallard
Tags: ectoentropic euclid indestructible joke meta scp
Translations: CN, JP

SCP-4322: Sleepless Dreams (+160) (21 💬)

SCP-4322 is a radio transceiver, anomalously modified to transmit psionic waves instead of electromagnetic radiation.

Written: 13 May 2019 12:52
Last Edited: 06 Sep 2022 10:47 by aismallard
Last Commented: 02 Apr 2022 21:30 by samzeman
Tags: appliance auditory electrical end-of-death ethics-committee foundation-made hallucination scp telepathic thaumiel transmission visual
Translations: CN, CS, ES, FR, JP, PL, RU

SCP-4406: SUDDEN THUNDER (+60) (6 💬)
Written with: pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul
For: Collab-Con

SCP-4406 is highly advanced surveillance software, which masks itself from the host operating system by means of an electronic antimeme.

Written: 28 Jun 2019 15:21
Last Edited: 06 Sep 2022 10:47 by aismallard
Last Commented: 27 Jun 2021 15:16 by Thopter
Tags: co-authored collab-con2019 concept electronic neutralized pentagram scp uncontained unusual-incidents-unit

SCP-4838: Lover's Quarrel (+128) (17 💬)

I know this is a hard time for us, but I truly do love you. We are strong, we'll make it through this.

Written: 02 Jul 2019 18:45
Last Edited: 08 Oct 2022 21:01 by Jerden
Last Commented: 26 May 2022 10:02 by BugLong
Tags: cognitohazard document ectoentropic neutralized predatory scp teleportation
Translations: CN, JP, RU, TH, VN

&SCP-4853 (+199) (23 💬)

The only designation which may be applied to SCP-4853 is SCP-4853.

Written: 10 Jul 2019 19:38
Last Edited: 16 Oct 2022 17:42 by NebulousStar
Last Commented: 24 May 2020 21:30 by barredowl
Tags: concept infohazard keter meta reviewers-spotlight scp
Translations: CN, ES, JP, KO, PL, RU, VN, ZH

SCP-4781: Sour and Dill (+149) (28 💬)

Specimens of SCP-4781 exhibit a cognitohazardous effect, causing misidentification of the anomaly and its effects as non-anomalous dill pickles.

Written: 06 Oct 2019 15:48
Last Edited: 22 Apr 2022 14:43 by aismallard
Last Commented: 01 Oct 2021 04:44 by marinemashup
Tags: alive cognitohazard invertebrate keter scp sensory species
Translations: CN, ES, JP, KO, RU

SCP-5900: PITCHBLACK (+200) (30 💬)
For: 5k-Con

During this time, surveillance satellites, Site-07 communications, intelligence processing, and IntSCPFN file sync were inoperable. The full extent and nature of the anomaly are presently unknown.

Written: 21 Jan 2020 04:01
Last Edited: 12 Jan 2023 23:02 by pr0m37h3um
Last Commented: 05 Feb 2023 12:15 by Slarkatron
Tags: 5000 computer concept electronic pending scp uncontained
Translations: CN, ES

SCP-5633: This Will Require A Great Amount of Blood (+51) (31 💬)
Written with: Rex AtlasRex Atlas, Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby, JackalRelatedJackalRelated, magna2smagna2s, ModulumModulum, RounderhouseRounderhouse, Sterbai Sterbai , TuftoTufto, Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini, WoedenazWoedenaz, YossipossiYossipossi

SCP-5633 is a large humanoid body located approximately 50m underground. The inside of SCP-5633 consists of enlarged veins, and steel scaffolding. The veins contain liquid that is both red and black in coloration, and highly viscous. Pipes extracting liquid from SCP-5633's veins are located along its arms, legs and back.

Written: 23 Jul 2020 16:16
Last Edited: 08 Oct 2022 19:45 by Jerden
Last Commented: 26 Aug 2021 20:41 by TL333s
Tags: biological cadaver co-authored compulsion humanoid liquid meta neutralized sapient scp subterranean temporal thermal
Translations: CN

SCP-5510: Universal Remote (+360) (73 💬)

Your session will expire after 118 seconds of inactivity.

Written: 17 Nov 2020 22:22
Last Edited: 25 Nov 2022 07:40 by Zyn
Last Commented: 28 Oct 2022 16:14 by Adrastea
Tags: appliance meta safe scp temporal
Translations: CN, CS, ES, FR, ID, IT, JP, KO, PL, RU, TH, UA, VN, ZH

SCP-5502: Where the Smoke Trail Ends (+46) (7 💬)
For: 2020 Art Exchange

SCP-5502 refers to an event on 2034/05/05 at around 04:10 UTC wherein all Fifthist-related anomalies known to the Foundation became neutralized.

Written: 30 Dec 2020 04:26
Last Edited: 23 Mar 2022 21:36 by stormbreath
Last Commented: 17 Aug 2021 18:01 by LORDXVNV
Tags: appliance art-exchange electronic fifthist memetic pending religious scp
Translations: CN, ES, JP

SCP-5134: Itchy (+45) (15 💬)

Consequently, any physical contact on an infected individual will permanently scrape off that area of bodily tissue.

Written: 01 Mar 2021 16:52
Last Edited: 22 Apr 2022 14:47 by aismallard
Last Commented: 04 Apr 2021 20:38 by MalyceGraves
Tags: biohazard contagion fungus keter scp transfiguration
Translations: ES, JP, VN

SCP-5446: Shock Troops (+46) (5 💬)
For: JamCon 2021

Originally SCP-5446 was held in a Site-19 locker before being requisitioned to produce sea-based security personnel.

Written: 23 Mar 2021 02:53
Last Edited: 01 Oct 2022 18:09 by Aftokrator
Last Commented: 29 Aug 2022 23:33 by Grigori Karpin
Tags: artifact chaos-insurgency jam-con2021 safe scp transfiguration

SCP-5871: Retroactive Knife (+104) (8 💬)
For: JamCon 2021

The object was discovered in an anomalous burial site within modern-day Mongolia in 1831 and was created in 2020.

Written: 24 Mar 2021 10:02
Last Edited: 22 Oct 2022 07:53 by Jerden
Last Commented: 06 Sep 2022 11:17 by Jack Newhouse
Tags: foundation-made jam-con2021 paradox ritual scp temporal thaumiel weapon
Translations: CN, IT, JP, PL, RU

SCP-6140: The True Empire (+731) (146 💬)
Written with: stormbreathstormbreath
For: 6k-Con

Daevite control of nuclear weapons and ICBMs for delivery is a certainty.

Written: 27 May 2021 15:01
Last Edited: 01 Oct 2022 18:30 by Jerden
Last Commented: 08 Feb 2023 11:03 by AniaraAnatidea
Tags: 6000 able cain co-authored daevite historical k-class-scenario location neutralized reality-bending religious ritual scarlet-king scp
Translations: CN, ES, FR, JP, KO, PL, RU, VN

SCP-6115: The Public Option (+83) (14 💬)
For: 2021 Art Exchange

This system does not utilize traditional boundaries between organs and bodily tissue, instead opting for an internal circulatory system within the confines of their body composed almost entirely of thaumaturgic medium fluids.

Written: 31 Dec 2021 18:23
Last Edited: 26 Apr 2022 02:31 by Subervos
Last Commented: 16 Dec 2022 15:08 by Hibooou
Tags: art-exchange biological broken-masquerade ectoentropic liquid medical safe scp thermodynamic uncontained
Translations: CN, IT, PT

SCP-7200: boats. (+193) (27 💬)
Written with: smltsmlt
For: 7k-Con

SCP-7200 is an anomalous phenomenon causing the disappearances of non-military ships in international waters.

Written: 30 Jul 2022 23:31
Last Edited: 08 Oct 2022 17:45 by EstrellaYoshte
Last Commented: 22 Mar 2023 17:06 by Seraph72
Tags: 7000 aquatic autonomous co-authored keter scp transmission vehicle
Translations: CN, ES, JP, VN, ZH

Field Reports:

The Heart of the Beast: The Heart of the Beast (+72) (7 💬)
For: Canon Renaissance Contest

Fae shook her head. "I really don't know. But — at least we can make his last week here a happy one."

Written: 15 Oct 2020 03:23
Last Edited: 05 Aug 2022 10:28 by Ralliston
Last Commented: 10 Feb 2023 00:47 by Fernlom
Tags: canon2020 faeowynn-wilson global-occult-coalition hard-to-kill-reptile nobody tale tim-wilson unfounded wilsons-wildlife
Translations: CN, PT

The Pumpkin Mystery: The Pumpkin Mystery (+35) (3 💬)
For: JamCon 2021

Early on the morning after, residents gathered in shock before the ruins of our Civic Center, surrounded by uprooted trees and shreds of pumpkins throughout the park.

Written: 23 Mar 2021 19:32
Last Edited: 22 Aug 2022 14:29 by Ralliston
Last Commented: 10 Aug 2021 20:13 by BoredDog
Tags: global-occult-coalition jam-con2021 tale unfounded
Translations: CN, PT

Stealing Something Else: Stealing Something Else (+15) (1 💬)

Foundation Area-529 is located underground on the island of Barentsøya, an officially-uninhabited island part of the Svalbard archipelago, which is considered to be part of Norway. It was created in 1958 to provide a sustainable containment solution for SCP-████-1 instances.

Written: 06 Jan 2023 23:39
Last Edited: 07 Jan 2023 12:57 by Ralliston
Last Commented: 06 Jan 2023 23:40 by aismallard
Tags: art-exchange black-rabbit-company tale

Documents recovered from Groups of Interest:

UIU File: 2017-102: WHISPER IN THE WIND (+61) (6 💬)
GoI: Unusual Incidents Unit
Written with: pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul
For: Collab-Con

Once delivered to a host, WHISPER is capable of inspecting, modifying, and emptying the host's counters and registers at will.

Written: 28 Jun 2019 15:17
Last Edited: 17 Sep 2022 08:17 by (user deleted)
Last Commented: 23 Mar 2023 22:20 by bibliolatry
Tags: co-authored collab-con2019 goi-format pentagram prometheus unusual-incidents-unit
Translations: CN

Case files:

Finding Asmodeus: Finding Asmodeus (+63) (6 💬)
For: Canon Renaissance Contest

Written: 15 Oct 2020 03:38
Last Edited: 11 May 2022 03:34 by LemonBee12
Last Commented: 31 May 2021 21:03 by TheBoxOfFun
Tags: canon2020 co-authored hub parawatch unfounded
Translations: CN, KO, PT, RU

Other documents:


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