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Pictured Luxaiko (circ. 1683)

Luxaiko Blossom (born May 24), also known as Aiko, is a Canadian artist, and author most known for her work on the SCP wiki and Wanderer's Library.


Forced to join the SCP Wiki at a young age in 2016, Aiko began her venture into the art community of the wiki not until late 2019.

Having started off using her finger on an iPad Mini using the app Picsart, she eventually grew to her current use of the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and the app Procreate. Aiko occasionally uses other mediums, such as acrylic paint, watercolour, and sculpting to express her artistic values. She claims to adore drawing for others, and can still be contacted through Wikidot PMs for potential art requests. Preferring to draw humans of a feminine variety, Aiko is known to have a hard time drawing masculine figures and apologized profusely1 for everyone's feminine hips.

Most of her work is said to be inspired by authors and artists such as PeppersGhost, LordStoneFish, and Niram.

Dr. Pandora

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Part of the Hanged King's court of musicians as the violinist.

Victoria Marshall

Daughter of Skitter Marshall, from MC&D


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