A Hole in the Wall on Mars

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“It’s gone! It’s fucking gone!”

“Calm down, please. What’s gone?”

“SCP-1162. The Hole in the wall. We just used it yesterday and it’s not there anymore! And I’m the only one who has even noticed!”

Site 31 Director Trisha Jones sighed. This was not how she was hoping to spend her day. “Alright, give a minute to pull up the documentation…”

She went from irritated to confused when she read the words on the screen.

SCP-1162 is a three-bedroom, two-bath suburban house located in Vastitas Borealis, the largest lowland region of Mars. It does not have a visible lawn, surrounding street, or other obvious signs of permanence. SCP-1162 resembles a standard suburban American home and is, along with its contents, anomalously resistant to damage, as the inhospitable conditions on Mars' surface would have quickly destroyed a nonanomalous structure of similar make.

Once she realized the implications, she went back to being irritated.

Goddammit! A reality restructuring event on a Monday?

“Adrian,” she said wearily, turning back to the researcher, “contact the exclusionary site you were just at. 1162 hasn’t moved, it’s gone from our reality.”

In July 1963, a non-standard shipment of D-Class arrived from SCP-5865. Approximately half of these D-Class had their memories altered in such a way that would enable them to recall their previous lives on 5865-Earth. The Foundation was instructed to monitor all prisoners to determine their reaction to this knowledge and follow standard termination procedures thereafter.

Jonathan Winter was finally done being a D-Class.

In the months before his personal revelation, he had generally resented both his status and the Foundation itself. He was a prisoner, and believed himself to be entitled to freedom. His memories told him of a crime related to theft, one that would have been punished with a fairly minor sentence in the time before-

He shuddered as he remembered the revelation. He was not a prisoner. Well, he was in a technical sense. But not one from this reality. He had been brainwashed, and made to forget he was from another world. The world of the Invaders.

Somehow, Jonathan had kept the secret of his memory recall to himself. Something told him that the Foundation wanted to know if he had discovered the truth of his past, and something else told him that keeping up the appearance of a baseline D-Class was important to his survival.

He had always been good at maintaining a facade of normalcy under even the most stressful circumstances. His latent reality-bending abilities had already manifested by the time he was 12, his age in 1934 when the world was conquered and repurposed for the Invaders. On the surface, he was yet another Experimental Region test subject. But once the day’s varied forms of experimentation at the hands of the Invaders was over, he had returned to his residential domicile and healed himself.

More than that, he had taken items from an alternate reality (this reality, he now realized) to decorate his childhood domicile with posters. Wonderful posters that told of a world where the Invaders never came and humanity used the mighty power of “NASA” to reach the most distant stars. Nobody ever found out about his secret room, the one place in their wretched world the Invaders could not reach.

But through sheer chance, he had been among the stock of Experimental Region residents “imported” to this world. And through yet more chance, he had also been among the D-Class selected to discover his true identity. Jonathan Winter was a prisoner of not one warden, but two.

Until today, that was - Site 31 was where he wound up when he wished he was “somewhere far into the future.” And if he could pull off the hat trick, it was going to be his last stop before freedom.

“D-67395, please approach the Hole located in Containment Chamber 4.”

He nodded, doing his best to appear as casual as possible. This was the first time he had used his special abilities since the Foundation had taken him from the Invaders. He had convinced everyone here that he was meant to use SCP-1162, the Hole in the Wall, for testing purposes. He had convinced them that his sudden appearance in this time, this time that was obviously not the 1960s he had come from, was an entirely normal occurrence. Nobody questioned the oddities that came from being a sudden time traveler. That was a good sign.

He approached the Hole, his body becoming warmer as his nervousness increased. Finally, he kneeled down and channeled every single bit of anomalous energy he could muster into his hand.

Take me away from here. Away from the Foundation, away from the Invaders, away from everything! Take me to a nice home with my parents, like it was before everything horrible happened. Please, just take me away…

He reached into the Hole…

…and pulled his small, childlike hand out.

He blinked and stood up, staring at the room around him. It was a children’s room, and…

He gasped.

The posters! His posters! They were here, and they were the same ones that had kept him comfort during the worst days of the Invaders’ reign. Looking into a nearby mirror, he recognized the youthful face as his, and it didn’t take him long to reach the correct conclusion.

I switched into a young me's body. His life…my life…it’s all over!

He grinned widely, and started looking at the room more closely. It was furnished in a way that seemed…off to him, probably because he had traveled through several different time periods to get here. But it was still recognizably the room of a little boy, thanks in no small part to the crude cardboard spaceship at the center.

“Johnny, time for breakfast, sweetie!” He heard a voice coming from downstairs, and realized that he recognized it.

“Be right there, mom!” He called back. Mom. He couldn’t believe this had actually worked!

Before he joined his parents for breakfast - which would no doubt be his best meal in decades - he couldn’t resist indulging himself. He pulled himself underneath the cardboard spaceship and let his imagination wander. He thought of himself as a great explorer on the surface of Mars, uncovering new secrets and blazing new trails on the Red Planet. He wished he was there.

Unfortunately, his wish came true.

On 22 Oct 2021, an exploratory Foundation shuttle reached SCP-1162 in Vastitas Borealis. Upon inspection of the upstairs bedroom where the corpse of a small child had previously been found inside a cardboard box, a small hole was found in on the eastern wall of the room which had not been located there during the initial exploratory mission. Data stored in exclusionary sites led Foundation researchers to conclude that the previous SCP-1162 (now SCP-1162-A) had been incorporated into the current SCP-1162 via a CK-Class Reality Restructuring Event. The exact method by which this occurred is unknown. SCP-1162-A has not moved from its current location despite being left unactivated since its initial discovery.

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