Agent Ukelele
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{Note: This document was retrieved during a raid on a known Global Occult Coalition safehouse by Task Force Omega-7, "Pandora's Box." Sections of this document were damaged in the firefight and subsequent conflagration/water damage due to firefighting efforts.}


Code Name: "Ukelele"

GOC Serial Number: 09976657-Cobalt-Triplet-Finnegan
Service Record
  • 1981: Recruited into GOC by [SECTION DESTROYED].
  • 1982: First confirmed kill: Known Threat Entity (KTE) 5988-Red ("Hillsborough Beast"). Received the Silver Aegis commendation for successfully killing KTE-5988-Red despite severe losses to field team, including death of Operative Mortimer X.
  • 1986: Failed to successfully contain KTE-7859-Silver ("Xenobiological Hemorrhagic Prion") resulting in deaths of [SECTION DESTROYED]
  • 1988: Sabbatical.
  • 1989: Promoted to Specialist Operative.


  • 199█: Engaged and destroyed KTE-9927-Black ("The Goddess") in Cornwall, England. Unable to confirm kill on KTE-9927-Blackchild ("The Daughter").


  • 20██: 99th confirmed kill on KTE-10734-Green ("Mister Nice Guy"). Expressed desire to retire from active service: granted.


  • ████: Resurfaced under alias of "Dr. Alto Clef" at Special Containment Procedures Foundation. Classified as Threat Level 1 (monitor, do not engage).
Skills Assessment
  • Certified adequate in standard firearms array (pistol, shotgun, scoped and unscoped rifle, submachinegun, light machine gun).
  • Certified proficient in heavy firearms array (heavy machine gun, grenade launcher, shoulder-mounted rocket launcher).
  • Certified expert in demolitions.
  • Advanced Driver certification in Class A,B, and C vehicles.
  • Authorized Instructor at Lanthanide Hills Training Facility (field of expertise: Type Green KTEs).
Alterations and Talents
  • Standard optics array.
  • Standard longevity treatments.
  • Resistant to standard photography techniques.
  • Polymorphic features.
Notable Kills
  • KTE-9927-Black: Threat Level 6 (Immediate Global Threat). Target eliminated by use of KTE-9927-Blackchild as bargaining ploy, followed by termination by gunshot to head. Operative "Ukelele" severely injured, unable to confirm kill on 9927-Blackchild.
  • KTE-0467-White: ("Caveman Phil"). Atavistic humanoid entity eliminated by use of local wildlife (500 pound mountain lion).
  • KTE-9245-Pink: ("Frogman of Marsh Cree[SECTION DESTROYED]

Does anyone know who this guy is or where he came from? He's good at what he does, but every time I ask him about his past, I get a completely different answer. - Colonel Richard Adams

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