Agent Nekochris Personnel File
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Agent 'NekoChris' Personnel File

Security Clearance Level: <DATA EXPUNGED>

Occupation: Occult Researcher and Eldritch Containment Specialist

The exact date of this agent's employment at the Foundation is currently unknown due to the unusual circumstances in which he was reactivated. The agent's 'office' was found during reconstruction of several of the sub-levels of Site ██. Following research regarding the office it was found that the area appears on blue prints dating from 19██ but stops appearing on updated prints after 19██. The office of the agent was sealed behind several layers of drywall and was discovered when removing moldy sections. In an attempt to explore the newly discovered room the door to the office was broken down, the fragments of which were found to be covered in an array of unknown symbols. Outdated research materials referencing several SCPs were found within the room as well as the Agent and an unknown creature.

Agent 'NekoChris' original employment records were discovered within archived files with several areas of his file removed or damaged due to storage conditions so personal identification beyond his offered moniker are unavailable; although he does confirm his real name is in fact, Chris. Having been employed in 19██ as an 'Occult Specialist' during █████████████; Agent 'NekoChris' was for a period involved in several SCP research and containment incidents up until 19██.

There is a gap in the records following this incident after which he became active again on a much smaller scale. His explanation of this gap is a SCP incident which was thought to be controlled however the containment procedures failed with disastrous repercussions. As a result the agent was reprimanded and spent a period of time studying the incident and improving techniques to prevent it from occurring again.

When questioned about this particular incident a sealed record involving SCP-███ was presented to the interviewing staff. This record is now under intense scrutiny as it details events unfamiliar to current staff and matching nothing currently on file.

SCPs that Agent 'NekoChris' has had some hand in containing or exploring.

Case Files reassigned to other agents:

  • SCP-706 - The Porcelain Skinned Girl
  • SCP-213 - Anti-Matter Parasite


(SCP-610, 983 and 706 are completely original writings, SCP-093, 404 and 213 are re-writes of the originals. Experiment Log 455 is based on the work of Dr. Gears.)

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