Researcher Mulciber's Personnel File

Name: ███████ R. Lemnos; Researcher Designation "Mulciber"
Security Clearance: Level 2/030,033,209,324,410,683,2098

Title: Archival Maintenance Officer; Documentation Standards and Control

Location: Office at Site-19, mobile as needed

History: Drafted into the Foundation Archival staff during the acquisition of SCP-033.

SCP Documentation Compiled:

SCP-030 - The Homunculus
SCP-033 - The Missing Number
SCP-209 - The Sadist's Tumbler (major overhaul/rewrite)
SCP-324 - Eulogy Shrub
SCP-410 - Editor Beetles
SCP-683 - Refrigerator Art
SCP-2098 - Saint Simon's Day

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