Agent Logan Armstrong's Personnel File
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Name: Logan Gray Armstrong

Security Clearance Level: 4


  • Operational Head of Conjoined Intelligence Services
    • London, SIS/MI6, Foundation Headquarters

Biography: Previously a member of Great Britain's infamous MI6, Logan Gray Armstrong is a trained information gathering field agent currently operating in his homeland as a part of a conjoined operation between the Foundation and the British Secret Intelligence Service. Mr. Armstrong has been active since the Commonwealth manifested a strong concern about the activities of SCP-2595 affecting the region of the Russian Rostov Oblast. Mr. Armstrong now stands as a first-responding operative for newly detected anomalies or groups of interest in European territory, serving as a direct connection between the Commonwealth along with the Russian government and the Foundation.


Elaborated Containment Protocols


SCP-2595 - A Hastened Evolution
"What we once called art may end up killing us all."

SCP-2205 - Dwight Montgomery-Patterson, War Hero
"A war hero visits and takes over his past self."

SCP-2076 - Shooting Yourself Can Increase Your Bullet Resistance
"When talking about advertising, some things may not be true."

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