Agent Lament's Personnel File

Containment Specialist, First Class

Name: Agent Troy "Lament" H██████

Security Clearance: Level 3 (Level 4 provisional status granted by assignment as necessary)

Occupation: Recovery Specialist, Containment Expert

Location: Site-11

Profile: Agent Lament is currently stationed at Site-11, though he is transferred as necessary. Agent Lament is one of the Foundation's containment specialists, and is regularly assigned to groups looking for new or more stable methods of containment for SCP's. Additionally, he is occasionally reassigned to recovery teams when dealing with previously encountered SCPs or untested containment procedures.

History: Agent Lament was originally acquired by the Foundation after he was mistaken as for a victim of SCP-113 who escaped containment. After two years of research, Dr. ███████, the head of SCP-113's research team, discovered the truth, and Agent Lament was recruited to work with the Foundation. Current call sign originated when assigned to Site-██ in Mexico, where his solution to a containment issue (See Attached File: "Can't We Just Throw This One Away?") saved significant Foundation resources. The original nickname, "La Mente," was bastardized into its current form with his reassignment to Site-11.

Following his time at Site-11, Lament was transferred to Site-19 to work on Projects [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED] with Dr. █████.

Note: Agent Lament is not, in spite of his arguments otherwise, the "Site-11 Pie Tester;" has never been, nor will he ever be, the "Lord of the Dance;" and is, under no circumstances, a certified public attorney. Do not be duped by his clever costumes.

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