Agent Klein's Personnel File

Name: Immanuel N. Klein

Aliases: "Ink", "The wrong man at the right time"

Security Clearance Level: 2

Duties: MTF Agent

Current Assignment: Mobile Task Force Rho-8 (aka "Roadside Picnickers")

History: Since joining the Foundation Agent Klein has proven himself a competent professional and an adaptive individual capable of finding a way to contribute to any group he is assigned to.

While failing to excel in any one area that would lead to promotion or specialization, he exhibits an uncanny ability to produce unorthodox solutions to situations which have seemed otherwise hopeless. When pressed to explain his thought process, Agent Klein is unable to, admitting that, "It was just a hunch," or "It seemed like the right thing to do." Official reports have credited Agent Klein with salvaging operations in 23 separate incidents.

Agent Klein's reputation has led to his current position as a "floating" agent, available for temporary recruitment by any Task Force, pending approval by a Level 4 Director. He is usually brought along on missions with a high level of uncertainty. When not on a specific mission he is assigned to Mobile Task Force Alpha-2 (aka "The Mailmen").

Despite repeated attempts, Agent Klein has proven ill-suited to research duties. The necessity of making frequent leaps of logic relying on complex scientific knowledge has led to failure more often than success. His knack appears to be limited to high pressure situations with little time for analyzing or reflection.

Agent Klein has been recommended for inclusion in Special Task Force O-23 (aka "The Kitchen Sink"). Review pending.

Agent Klein has been involved in containment of the following SCPs:

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