Agent Enma Ai's Personnel File

Name: Izumi J████ ("Enma Ai")

Security Clearance: Level 1

Occupation: Undercover agent

Duties: Information retrieval, Low-threat SCP acquisition

Location: Site-██

History: Former member of the ███ █████ civil police. Recruited on 19██, through Protocol 15-b.

Profile: Subject is reclusive, and tends to remain silent unless directly interacted with. Usually pays little attention to her surroundings, except during work assignments, where she shows above average levels of awareness.

She demonstrates a great aptitude at remaining unnoticed for long periods of time; combined with her silent nature, this often leads to her being locked inside one of the rooms of Site-██.

Subject displays interest in gardening, and can often be found caring for Site-██'s gardens when not deployed to the field.

SCPs Catalogued:

SCP-345 - Stone Cube Puzzle
SCP-700 - Graffiti Factory
SCP-860 - Blue Key (with the assistance of Doctor Photosynthetic)
SCP-966 - Sleep Killer

Ancillary Material:

Document 860-I and II - Transcription of the first and second exploration logs made into SCP-860-1.
Document 860-III and IV - Transcription of the third and fourth exploration logs made into SCP-860-1.

Further Documentaion:

Running - Short story involving a victim of SCP-966.

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