Agent Diogenes' Personnel File

Agent “Diogenes”

Security Clearance Level: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Occupation: Public Liaison and Media Control


Prior to becoming part of the Foundation’s personnel, Diogenes worked as a secretary under the United States Senator ██████. Diogenes attempted to blackmail Senator ██████, after discovering his correspondences with the Foundation concerning [DATA EXPUNGED]. The Foundation dissolved this affair by offering Diogenes two choices: to be [DATA EXPUNGED] or to take an occupation as a low-level caretaker of safe-SCPs. Diogenes accepted the second offer, but soon showed such incompetence in handling assigned SCPs (see Addendum) that O5 demanded they would be placed in a different occupation.

Displaying skills in diplomacy, Diogenes was designated tasks as a public liaison. Diogenes spends a massive amount of time heckling other Foundation personnel with wishes that they not to make such horrible messes when in public, as they must clean up after them. As of this time, they have assisted in covering up incidents involving:



Due to a work accident, as well as the unauthorized practical joking of other personnel, Diogenes has come into contact with SCP-113 on multiple occasions. It has therefore become impossible to determine Diogenes’ gender, and they respond to inquiry with raised eyebrows. On a similar note, they respond to almost any inquiry from Dr. Bright with a suitable facepalm.

Note: Dr. Bright has requested the use of Diogenes as a personal assistant. Request still pending at this time, as we are unsure if we dislike Diogenes quite that much. -O5-6 Request approved. Apologies to Diogenes, but Dr. Bright knows where the bodies are buried. Some of them are his. -O5-6

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