Agent Carriontrooper's Profile


Code Name: Carriontrooper

Current Designation: Undercover Agent

Current Location: [DATA EXPUNGED], Indonesia

Expertise: Intelligence gathering, [DATA EXPUNGED], and [DATA EXPUNGED].

History: Information about this person is largely corrupted, but it is known that he originated from Indonesia. He had entered Universitas Gadjah Mada (Gadjah Mada University) in Yogyakarta, but his records were incomplete and rendered as useless data. He was initially encountered by the foundation while investigating a possible SCP in [DATA EXPUNGED], and intrigued field agents by discreetly [DATA MISSING]. After an intense quarantine and testing period of [DATA EXPUNGED], he was recruited as an undercover agent. His skill in intelligence gathering is quite high, and personnel must keep from telling him [DATA MISSING].

It is noted, however, that the subject had suffered mental delusions that could be attributed either to his slightly eccentric nature or a past experience with a memetic SCP. Also, due to an unknown reason, he had often been mistaken for a lot of things, resulting in confusion, annoyance, and/or hilarity for other personnel.

Additional note: Agent Carriontrooper is not very adept at the proper use and deployment of explosives, although he often uses them. Excercise caution when he is in the vicinity. Please return all unexploded ordnance or explosives found in the immediate area back to the explosives storage or the armory.

Additional note: Be aware that Agent Carriontrooper had been repeatedly kicked out of the site 19 mess hall, presumably trying to steal food. An anonymous source said 'He talks too much' and another says 'That dude's kinda annoying' while stating that he could be restrained from the mess hall if he repeated the offense. It is unknown how he managed to sneak in the mess hall again after being kicked; investigation underway to find hidden access points to the mess hall.

This file was salvaged from the remains of this older file, which was badly corrupted by SCP-732. For further reading, regurgitation aid, or to confuse would-be hackers/snoopers/spies, refer to the previous file:

SCPs Acquired/Aided in retrieval of:
SCP-741 since updated by TheRaven
SCP-864, since updated by Dr. Roget

Additional Information:
carriontrooper's intel studies
carriontrooper's sketchbook

To date, Agent Carriontrooper had been mistaken for:

- A lion
- A potato with an afro haircut
- 076's punching bag
- The janitor
- D-class personnel
- A doormat
- An SCP
- The lunchlady
- An obscure Latin telenovela actor
- An obscure Indonesian sinetron actor
- An obscure Indian Bollywood actor
- A Chinese guy
- A Japanese guy
- A telephone pole
- An electric pole
- A ten-foot long stick
- A skeleton
- A fart
- A terrorist
- A douchebag
- A gentleman
- Useful
- Useless
- A genius
- A madman
- A butcher
- A baker
- A candlestick maker
- A rich man
- A poor man
- A beggar man
- A thief

Random Quotes:

I am wretched
But I am STRONG!
I am the future…

- During quarantine

For after all what is man in nature?
All in relation to nothing, nothing in the face of infinity,
A central point between all and nothing, and infinitely far from understanding either.

- During a routine psychological test

Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes, yes, you die. But there is a third alternative.
- Suggestion to a D-class personnel

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