Agent Asriel's Personnel File

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Agent Asriel.

Name: W██████ Asriel

Security Clearance Level: 2

Occupation: Field Agent

Introduction: W██████ Asriel, Male, born on ██/04/19██, ████████ Nationality, European-[REDACTED] descent, uses both English and Chinese as working languages. His routine missions include inquiring about rumors regarding supernatural events, participating in folk supernatural-enthusiast organizations and exploring anomalies. When on containment missions, Asriel is allowed to carry an AUG A3 assault rifle.

Asriel's strength lies in his intuition when facing anomalies, which includes an intuition of grasping the right information among rumors, and a quick understanding of the nature of the anomaly he is facing for the first time. This intuition failed to pass the Standard Future-Telling Test and the Psychic Sensations Test. Asriel's disadvantage lies in his non-combat background, as his combat ability and anti-interrogation ability are slightly inferior to other agents.

Asriel is described as gentle and introverted, and is often rated as "very easygoing and quiet" by his colleagues. Although he displays relevantly good team-working and communication skills, he rarely participates in social activities other than work. All attempts to establish a good friendship with Asriel have failed.

History: Asriel was an amateur adventurer before joining into the Foundation, who seeks to inquire rumors about supernatural events and explore the site accordingly. After a successful explore of SCP-████, Asriel and his friend were recruited by the Foundation for their potential displayed. After the anomaly was transferred to the Chinese branch, Asriel was too transferred to the Chinese branch to continue his work.


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