Agent Apocalemur's Journal
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The following are the journal entries made by [DATA EXPUNGED], currently known as Agent Apocalemur, over the time period between his discovery of SCP-307 on ██ ████, 200█, and his recovery by the SCP Foundation three weeks later.

██ ████, 200█
I found the weirdest plant today. It was just growing under that locust tree in my front yard. It looked like English ivy, but it was purple, and had thorns. I was kind of in a hurry to get to work, so I didn't get to look at it very closely.

██ ████, 200█
It's Saturday! My god, I hated this week. I swear, my job gets harder every year. I had to [DATA EXPUNGED].

I got to look at that weird plant I saw yesterday. I saw it growing. It was growing up the side of the tree so quickly, I could see it. Yesterday, it was just a little sprig. That's some plant.

It also looks like there's a pair of robins making a nest in that tree.

██ ████, 200█
I got up early to get a look at that plant. Maybe I should have stayed in bed. When I got outside, it was growing onto the branch that the robins were nesting in. It grew right up to the nest. When it touched the robin in the nest, it stopped growing. A few seconds later, the robin fell to the ground, dead.

██ ████, 200█
I called in sick to work today. I had to call in sick, because they never would have believed me if I said I had been chased away from my car by a purple vine that was growing out of the eyes of a dead bird. The ivy looked like it was growing towards me, and I wasn’t taking any chances. I wasn’t about to end up like that robin.

██ ████, 200█
█████ is dead. My only sister…dead. I haven’t told Mom and Dad. I don’t know how to tell them. “Hey, um…you know that ivy that you told █████ to cut away from the tree while you were out? Yeah…it killed her.” I wish I’d known they told her to do it. I could have stopped her. I could have saved her…

██ ████, 200█
Mom and Dad are in shock. They haven’t left their room since they got home last night. I heard Dad screaming at someone, but that’s the last I heard from either of them. I don’t think they want to accept what’s happening. The plant has grown into the backyard. ██████ and ██████ are both dead.1

Operator: 911, what’s your emergency?
Man’s Voice2: My daughter’s dead!
Operator: Okay, sir, calm down. What happened?
Man: I don’t know. I came home from work, and she was lying on the sidewalk with this plant growing out of her eyes.
Man: Hello?
Operator: I’m sorry, did you say a plant was growing out of her eyes?
Man: Yes! My son says it killed her! Please send someone!
Operator: Your daughter was killed…by a plant…that’s growing out of her eyes.
Man: What are you, deaf? That’s exactly what I said!
Operator: All right, sir, there’s no need for names here.
Man: Will you quit fucking around and send someone?
Operator: [hangs up]

██ ████, 200█
It’s been a week and a half since I first saw that vine. The house is now completely surrounded. I wonder if any of the neighbors have noticed anything. The only thing that seems to be stopping it from entering the house is the fact that it can’t seem to put down roots in metal or glass.

I haven’t seen or heard from Mom and Dad. I’m worried they might have poisoned themselves.

██ ████, 200█
If anyone finds this journal, let it be known that I, [DATA EXPUNGED], made my last stand against the demon weed in this room. I have been barricaded in here for almost a week. I am convinced my entire family is dead. I have closed the air ducts and stopped up the crack under my door. I have my mom’s long-handled branch trimmers, her weedwhacker, her chainsaw, the grill lighter (it seems to not like fire), and every bit of non-perishable food in the house. I made a sign, which I put in the window. It says, “Still alive. Send help.” I have a system in place to destroy it if I think it won’t be necessary. It’s only a matter of time before the plant figures out a way to get in here. The damn thing came in through the chimney!

(In the margin of this entry, a sketch was found, of a ring-tailed lemur eating its own tail. Underneath the sketch was the word “Apocalemur.”)


██ ████████, 200█
The SCP Foundation has allowed me to access this journal after making what they referred to as “necessary redactions.” They say it was my journal, although I have no memory of keeping it. I have no memory of my family, and know nothing of my life prior to the Foundation. I don’t even know my own name. I am simply Agent Apocalemur. Apparently it has something to do with that doodle in the margin a few pages back. Shame I don’t know what it means.

When they gave me the journal, they said it was because I had been assigned to oversee research on “SCP-307,” which I have come to understand is this mysterious plant mentioned in the last few entries, in the hopes of finding some way to destroy it for good. They said they wanted me to have some idea what I was in for.

If everything they’ve told me is true (and I have just as much reason to suspect that it is as I do to suspect that it isn’t), then this plant killed my family and destroyed what appears to be a perfectly good life. I want it to die.

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