Agent Apocalemur's Personnel File


Codename: Agent "Apocalemur"

Date of birth: 1 July, ████

Bio: Agent Apocalemur came to the Foundation's attention after his discovery of SCP-307 outside his home in [DATA EXPUNGED]. After witnessing SCP-307 attack a nest of American robins, he informed his family of the plant. All three immediate relatives were subsequently killed by SCP-307. His detailed notes on SCP-307's attempts to kill him and his family were a valuable asset to the foundation, and are the reason he was inducted as an agent, rather than simply brainwashed. All remaining family members have been informed that he and his immediate family were killed in a house fire. Agent Apocalemur's house was, in fact, burned down to eliminate specimens of SCP-307 residing within.

His true identity is highly classified information. Upon induction to the Foundation, Agent Apocalemur was given a Class A amnesiac, removing all memories of his life prior to the discovery of SCP-307, his true name, or the names of any of his surviving relatives. The name "Apocalemur" was taken from the caption of a sketch found in the margin of his notes on SCP-307, depicting a ring-tailed lemur eating its own tail.

Agent Apocalemur enjoys heavy metal music and recreational birdwatching.

SCP's being researched:

Other submissions:
Incident Report 307
Agent Apocalemur's Journal
Termination Report 269

"Well, I think I used to know, but you sort of erased my past from my memory, so I guess we'll never know now, will we?" - Agent Apocalemur, when questioned about the aforementioned drawing.
Along Came a Spider
The Lesser of Two Evils

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