Agent Dahlia "marslifeform" Clairon's Personnel File

Name: Dahlia "marslifeform" Clairon

Security Clearance: 3

Occupation: Recovery Agent

Anomalous Objects Recovered by Agent Clairon:

Anomalous Objects Accidentally Destroyed by Agent Clairon:

  • SCP-474 - "Disposal"
  • SCP-1374 - "Television Hater"
  • SCP-1675 - "Forest of Lights"
  • SCP-1705 - "Your Best Friend"
  • SCP-████1 - "The Orphanage"
  • SCP-████ - "An Exercise in Futility" Made good again in SCP-1731
  • SCP-1674 - "Hailey"

Documents Authored by Agent Clairon:

Et Tam Deum Petivi

Writing on the Walls


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