Agent Alexander "Azzleflux" Fredricks's Personnel File

Name: Alexander "Azzleflux" Fredricks

Security Clearance: 3

Occupation: Recovery Agent

History: Agent Fredricks was involved in the recovery of SCP-███, which resulted in the death of ███ whales. After showing remarkable mental resilience despite witnessing mass cetacean death, Fredricks was recruited by the Foundation on 08/20/97. However, further Foundation investigation revealed that approximately 50 deaths as a result of the incident were not due to the effects of SCP-███, as they were killed via [REDACTED] rather than [REDACTED]. Agent Fredricks was suspected of the unexplained deaths, but no evidence to this conclusion was found. As such, Fredricks is not to be assigned to any objects dealing with marine organisms and is permanently stationed at landlocked Site 23.

Note: Please keep in mind that we are a mature community filled with the brightest minds and should act as such. Therefore, regardless of personal relations with Agent Fredicks, please refrain from referring to him as Agent Azzleflux, Agent Assholefucks, and especially Agent B███s██. All personnel found violating this note will be appropriately slapped on the wrist and required to have a personnel reevaluation meeting with Site Director Langley at an appropriate location. His treat. -Site Director Roger L██████.

Anomalous Objects Recovered by Agent Fredricks:

Anomalous Objects Accidentally Destroyed by Agent Fredricks:

  • SCP-474 - "Disposal"
  • SCP-1374 - "Television Hater"
  • SCP-1675 - "Forest of Lights"
  • SCP-1705 - "Your Best Friend"
  • SCP-████1 - "The Orphanage"
  • SCP-████ - "An Exercise in Futility" Made good again in SCP-1731
  • SCP-1674 - "Hailey"

Documents Authored by Agent Fredricks:

Et Tam Deum Petivi

Writing on the Walls

Agent Fredrick's Sandbox
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