Cover Letter for After-Action Report: Operation Free Market
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To: The Office of The Foundation's Director of Mobile Task Forces
From: Major Roger Dunn <MTFC, Mu-3>
Subject: Re: Operation Free Market

Likely you have already heard some of the immediate details of this operation's aftermath, through unofficial channels, before receiving this account. While you will find collected in the official file all the pertinent reports from my Force's operatives in the field, I feel obliged to append my own review and rationalization for the actions that were taken and their results.

The first point to address is that, in spite of our own focus on tactical espionage, our plans were hampered by a spy within the Foundation. Please note that this double-agent was not a member of MTF Mu-3, but nosed their way into our mission regardless. The complications which arose are, almost entirely, to blame on this unexpected element.

I say almost entirely because I am not above shouldering my share of the responsibility. Our ambition was to strike an unexpected and severe blow to Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP (which, remember, we did do in the form of removing a valuable Item from circulation, and a Broker from their roster). Our decision to recruit a U-MTF Handler from outside our own Task Force, for access to their long-standing deep-cover contacts, is what created the information gap that gave the former Agent Roman the opportunity to insert themselves into the operation.

Let me state now, for the record, that this is not an admonition of Handler Aaron Moore. I fully understand his concerns for the safety of his contacts, and maintaining their cover. But the inherent value of the information, and strict adherence to InfoSec practices in response, limited Mu-3's overall ability to communicate and effect a truly cohesive plan of action.

In light of this mitigating factor, Captain Al Yorston's ability to improvise and implement a plan to recover the items deserves particular regard. Our Task Force makes use of advanced equipment and techniques, but instilled in each operative is also a healthy respect for the classic tenets of this work. Cpt. Yorston demonstrated a textbook application of the principle 'Adapt and Overcome', at more than one point in this operation. For exceeding expectations in the face of a constantly deteriorating situation, I commend Cpt. Yorston and his squad.

I acknowledge that the events which unfolded on the river were highly publicized, despite our best efforts to keep the entire operation covert. But the Public Relations Dept has released a suitable cover story to the general population. And MC&D Ltd's knowledge of our involvement, after things played out the way they did, was an unavoidable conclusion.

In summary, I urge you to refrain from making any hasty decisions based on the less successful aspects of this mission. Rather, my hope is you'll measure Mu-3's performance against the full facts of the situation. In which regard, I believe, our operatives displayed quick thinking and capable response to a highly complex and constantly evolving situation. To respond to deteriorating circumstances, not with panic or a loss of resolve, but improvisation and determined spirit, are characteristics of a good team. And, in my eyes, this team put those traits on display beyond any doubt. With the experience of this operation, I anticipate even greater results from MTF Mu-3 moving forward.

Maj. Roger Dunn <MTFC, Mu-3 "Highest Bidders">
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