The War On Christmas With Death Tolls In The Billions: Randomini's Grand Decemberween Advent Talkstravaganza v2017
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DEC 10: Decompression by Zyn



DEC 01: Who Am I? by MayD

DEC 02: SCP-173-D by mlister

DEC 03: Hartliss Detective Agency by The Great Hippo

DEC 04: Budget Cuts by Hercules Rockefeller

DEC 05: Let The Right One Innily by trennerdios

NOV 06: Readings were postponed due to today being November.

DEC 07: A Reason To Die by Shaggydredlocks

DEC 08: Santa's New Home by MrWrong

DEC 09: The only way left to go is forward by Agent MacLeod

It was two years ago that I did Randomini Continues Talking Despite The Best Efforts Of Almost Everyone He Knows: Advent Calendar Edition v2015. This year I am doing it again, because my mouth is good, and my words are great, and I like to talk. So I am doing recordings for a bunch of people this year too.


Every day this month until Christmas, I'll do a reading of a tale as nominated in this thread. What will happen on Christmas??? It is a mystery.

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