Randomini Continues Talking Despite The Best Efforts Of Almost Everyone He Knows: Advent Calendar Edition v2015
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DEC 25: Memetics and Infohazards Division Orientation by Rounzie


All Done For This Year - See You Next Time!

It was almost a year ago that I did The Mouth Word Things For Benefit Of The Eyeless, Illiterate And Terminally Bored. This was because I did a reading for my Secret Santa partner, and then realised that it was fun to read things, because my mouth is good, and my words are great, and I like to talk. So I did readings for a bunch of other people. And then I posted them all.


This year I'm not bothering with Secret Santa. Instead, every day this month until Christmas, I'll do a reading of a tale as nominated in this thread. What will happen on Christmas??? It is a mystery.

Readings With Links To Original Works

Thanks for Listening!

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