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An instance of SCP-4269.

Item #: SCP-4269

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4269 instances are to be contained in a standard anomalous item locker. Any instances of SCP-4269 are to be washed and disinfected thoroughly before and after any experimentation.

Instances of SCP-4269 are not to be used for recreational reasons by any personnel.

Description: SCP-4269 is the collective designation for several pairs of cognitohazardous undergarments created by GoI-7058 (Inevitability Industries). Any subject who wears an instance of SCP-4269 is known as an instance of SCP-4269-1. Subjects who view SCP-4269-1 instances will perceive them as a person they would consider their ideal standard of sexual attractiveness. This anomalous effect extends to all senses, including touch, taste and smell.

Different subjects may see different people when viewing and interacting with an SCP-4269-1 instance, and one subject may view multiple different people if viewing more than one SCP-4269-1 instance. The only known restriction of SCP-4269's cognitohazardous effects is it will not alter an SCP-4269-1 instance's gender to the subject viewing it.

Below is an abridged list of SCP-4269-1 instances as viewed by Foundation Personnel:

Subject SCP-4269-1 Manifestation Notes
Researcher Geraldine Stearns Subject reported the instance looked like American Actor Dwayne Johnson wearing only an apron. SCP-4269 is capable of simulating realistic-feeling clothing and additional body mass, as the SCP-4269-1 instance was four inches shorter than Dwayne Johnson and was not wearing any clothing beyond SCP-4269.
Researcher Arthur Cordelia Subject reported the instance was a tall, broad-shouldered, tan-skinned woman with long black hair and a toned body. SCP-4269-1 instances do not need to be any specific people, but rather a concept that the subject finds attractive.
Researcher Connor Finn Subject reported the instance did not change in appearance. SCP-4269-1 instances do not necessarily need to change appearance if the subject already finds them attractive.
Researcher Fiona Mariah Subject reported the instance became a scaled lizard-like woman with clawed hands and feet and an elongated tail. SCP-4269-1 instances do not necessarily have to be human or humanoid.
Janitor Frank Robertson Subject reported the instance was a woman wearing a black latex suit that covered their entire body save for their feet. Test was accidental as Mr. Robertson had been passing by the Site-73 low-security testing area.

Incident 4269-03: On September 28th, 19██, Researcher Wendy Flanders had reportedly requested an instance of SCP-4269 for experimentation purposes, but had not returned it for several days.

The following are several tests made by Researcher Flanders that were discovered on her personal computer:

Head Researcher Wendy Flanders Subject reported the instance looking like her ex-girlfriend. SCP-4269-1 instance was placed on a female Canis lupus familiaris, indicating subjects do not need to be the same species.
Head Researcher Wendy Flanders Subject reported the instance looking like a different ex-girlfriend. SCP-4269-1 instance was placed on a humanoid mannequin, indicating subjects do not need to be alive or ever have been living.
Head Researcher Wendy Flanders Subject reported the instance looking like SCP-035 on the body of an ex-girlfriend. Oh God yes…
Head Researcher Wendy Flanders Subject reported the instance looking like Researcher Fiona Mariah. SCP-4269 can fulfill your wildest dreams.

Beyond the testing, investigation of Researcher Flanders had revealed that she had kept the SCP-4269 instance for several days after concluding her tests, and had placed it on the base of a lamp in her office along with other pieces of lingerie and a silicone phallus.

Researcher Flanders has been severely reprimanded, including removal as Head Researcher on the SCP-4269 project, and prohibition of working with any humanoid SCP Objects.

Researcher Fiona Mariah has since requested to be transferred to a different Foundation Site after the events of Incident 4269-03. The request has been granted.

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