Adoption Poster: Pearl!

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Hello, my name is Pearl!


Hi! I'm looking for a loving home in the Three Portlands-Boring region. I'm not a very high-maintenance gal, so you don't have to worry too much about what to feed me or where to shelter me. Just give me a pen, some mud, and water, and I'll be happy as can be!

A lot of people have misconceptions about us potbellied pigs. In fact, a lot of people even think we're stupid! Pigs are actually one of the smartest species of animal, and I like to think I'm pretty sharp too, if I do say so myself! One saying about us that is true is that we eat nearly anything. As long as its remotely edible, we'll eat until we're full. But in that regard, I am slightly out of the ordinary….

I can eat anything! It doesn't have to be edible — I've had wood, metal, plastic, even dirt! It doesn't matter to me, nothing hurts me or my insides. In fact, my insides are also like that — I can't be full! My caretakers say they don't know where everything goes once it goes in, but all I know is that I'm always ready for another meal.

Like I said, I'm not very high-maintenance. I come with a little water trough and some of my favorite snacks (I have a soft spot for wood chips). If you have a pig pen, you can settle me down there and I'll be the best food disposal you've ever seen!

Facts About Pigs Like Me!

  • Pigs were the first animal to be domesticated by you guys! We go back a long way, huh?
  • I have a great sense of smell — I've even found a few truffles using my sniffer!
  • I really, really love to go on walks! I come with a harness, so you can walk me whenever you want.
  • Even though I'll eat anything, I have preferences. I enjoy wood chips and tin foil!
  • The opposite is also true — I might be able to eat all foods, but that doesn't mean I'll like them. I hate ceramics and candy.
  • I'm a bit of an introvert — I can get along okay with other piggies, but I prefer to be alone.

Notes From My Foster Parents!

Pearl was an absolute sweetheart. Just one the most loving, intelligent animals I've ever had the pleasure of fostering. She would happily fool around with us, play fetch, even just go on walks. When she was alone, she was also able to amuse herself fine, perfectly content to roll in the mud or nap in the shade. It was a bit hard at first to deal with her diet, but we got a system worked out eventually. It broke my heart when we had to give her up. Her dietary needs may be… unusual, but this critter is the most adoring companion you'll ever have.

~Anna Wolfsheim

I swear, she was more like a dog than a pig. Always up for a leashed walk — we even bought a harness for her — and games. She even liked to cuddle if she saw that her humans were upset. That said, we couldn't keep her for an extended stay. She was right eating us out of house and home. She'd hit us with the piglet-eyes and we'd melt and toss her some snacks. We discovered she has a reeeal hankering for fresh strawberries! But if we didn't give her snacks, she turned to anything else. One morning we woke up and half the pen we built for her was just gone! That's when I knew she just wasn't the right fit for us. But if you're someone who can support her unique needs, by golly, you've found the perfect pet.

~Andrew Thompson

For more information or adoption:
Address: 31st North Deerway Avenue, Three Portlands
Phone: (503)-555-0187
Email: etis.snoitulosefildliwsnosliw|ofni#etis.snoitulosefildliwsnosliw|ofni
Void: Wilson's Wildlife Solutions!⁂wilsons-wildlife

Sent by: Diane Wilson
Recipient(s): C.A
Date: 3/09/2020

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I don't think I can explain how glad I am that someone's adopted Pearl. I've been her main caretaker for a little under a year now, and I've seen her get passed over for adoption so many times. Pigs have an undeserved reputation for being dirty and unsanitary, and it takes someone really special to look past that muddy exterior and see Pearl's heart of gold inside. I hope she'll have a happy and healthy forever home with you.

Best wishes,
Diane Wilson

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