Adoption Poster: Ol' Shock!

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I'm looking for a kind and loving home in the Three Portlands area, preferably one with lots of room to run and be free! (Outside of Three Portlands is okay, as long as I can run around but not be seen.)

The folks at Wilson's aren't sure what type of beast I am, but I know I'm a very good boy! They think I'm a wolf-dog or a tamed wolf of some kind. I sure act like a dog!

I'm pretty different from most: I've got all sorts of special abilities you don't see in normal canines.

I tend to turn up all the time out of nowhere, for one thing. I'm also a lot stronger and faster than a dog, which can be pretty different to handle! My paws never make a noise, even when they should clack on the tile. My eyes glow in the dark - some people say they're like lanterns! I can also howl a lot louder than I have any right to. (Sorry neighbours!)

Important Facts About Me!

  • I'm a very big boy - a little over a hundred pounds! (45 kilograms for you Brits!)
  • I tend to eat a lot: about three pounds of raw meat or four pounds of kibble a day - not much more than normal for a dog my size, mind you.
  • I stand about a two and a half feet at the shoulder, and I'm six feet long from the tip of my nose to the end of my tail. (76 cm and 183 cm, respectively)
  • I know all sorts of tricks, from whoever trained me. Fetch, sit, roll over. (I tend to not listen much, though!)
  • I've been with Wilson's Wildlife for a couple years and haven't aged that much. The docs think I've got a longer life ahead of me than normal. I'll be your best friend for life!
  • My favorite thing to do is run around outside - I'll need a big backyard or space to do that to be happy!
  • One of my old owners gave me some guard dog training - I do it pretty well, if you want me to do that. I always know who my owners are.
  • I'm a very good boy - the best!

Comments from my Foster Parents!

Well behaved and trained, although he's got a mind of his own. He rarely listens to any of my commands, except when he wants to, but at least he's not as bad as some dogs I've fostered. Never really misbehaves.

Never goes in the bathroom in the house and I rarely have to let him outside to do it - he just sorta works his way there. I've got no idea how he does it, but I'll see him lying down one minute and then outside peeing on a tree the next. I'll check all the doors, but nothing — just Shock at the door, waiting to be let back in.

Shock's a pretty quiet dog wolf, for the most part. He doesn't even whine a lot of the time, just sit and stare at you with those big eyes. He doesn't tend to do much, just laze around the house most of the day. A very chill and quiet wolf, which was rather nice, to be all honest.

But … one night, I heard him howling, and I knew he really was a wolf. There was something different in that howl, something I've never heard in any dog. Mind you, I've heard plenty of wolves howl and it wasn't anything like that. It was sorrowful, mourning something. Sent chills right down my spine, throughout my whole body. And the worst thing is that he didn't stop for nearly an hour.

I'm sorry, but I can't take care of a wolf that howls like that, as much as I would like to. I was looking for a bit of a quiet dog who'd take care of himself, and Shock seemed to fit the bill. But the Homeowner's Association came over the next morning to yell at me, and I just can't have a wolf like that. Sorry Wilson's. Almost worked out.

I've hosted a lot of dogs over the years. All sorts of breeds. There's rarely been a dog that I haven't gotten along with. As for Ol' Shock, well, we haven't so much not gotten along but just not clicked. Very much not clicked in the slightest. I don't think it's just the wolf thing.

He's a weird one. Good, but very weird. Stares outside of the windows a lot; looks pretty sad all the time. I think he misses his old owner. I wish I could help him, but he just can be a little off sometimes. I don't adopt, of course, but I think there's a home for him somewhere.

We (my spouse and I) love this wolf. Our kids, not so much.

Our house was robbed the other day. Attempted robbery, at least. I wasn't home at the time, just my spouse and the kids. They were upstairs with the kids downstairs, and Ol' Shock was sleeping at the time. Nice quiet day.

Then, some fucker tried to break into the house. My spouse heard the kids screaming, and then they rushed downstairs not to find them in any danger, but Shock having ripped the robber's arm off, calmly gnawing on it. The kids were horrified and shocked, but safe.

Both of us would like to keep him - he saved our family. But the kids will not be in the same room as Shock (they were always a bit wary of him before, and this made it worse).

Excellent guard wolf.

For more information or adoption:
Address: 31st North Deerway Avenue, Three Portlands
Phone: (503)-555-0187
Email: moc.liamg|snoitulosefildliwsnosliw#moc.liamg|snoitulosefildliwsnosliw
Void: Wilson's Wildlife Solutions! (⁂wilsons-wildlife)

Sent by: Anders Wilson
Recipient(s): Selena Anderson
Date: 5/11/2012

Dear Selena,

Ol' Shock is a black shuck. I've brought in a couple consultants - even an expert from Hy-Brasil - all confirm this. Even if somebody, somehow domesticated a black shuck, the chances of anyone else being so dumb to think that a hellhound makes for a good pet are tiny. Lightning isn't going to strike twice here.

We've managed to get a couple people to foster him, and he never lasted more than a week with any of them. Don't you think that might be a sign that he's not meant to have a permanent home? Just because he's been trained doesn't mean he's right as a family pet. There are only so many people that are looking for a magic wolf and can actually adopt one.

I know he's always sad, and he probably has abandonment issues from a past owner. I know that you want to get him the best home possible. I know that there might be a chance we can find him something. Believe me, Selena, I do too. I really do.

It's just that I don't think we're going to be able to find a home for Shock. I think it's time we started to look into other alternatives for him - potentially relocating him to Boring or bringing in the Supervisors to help deal with the problem.

I know those options aren't great, but we can't afford to keep Ol' Shock up for adoption. Please get back to me as soon as you can. I'm not looking forward to having to do this - Shock's a good boy.

Anders Wilson

Sent by: Selena Anderson
Recipient(s): Anders Wilson
Date: 5/17/2012


A man came into the Three Portlands Wilson's Wildlife Shelter today with one of Ol' Shock's adoption posters. He came to the front desk and said he had found it earlier when he was visiting from the Isle of Portland. He said he thought he might recognize the Ol' Shock, and wanted to see him.

We took the man — who called himself Mr. Night — over to the enclosure, and as soon as we did, Ol' Shock started jumping up and down and howling. Night asked us if he could enter the enclosure, and we said he could. (Which is weird, we wouldn't normally do that. I'm not sure why we did - I suppose we were moved by Shock's reaction?)

Night walked into the enclosure and as soon as he did, Ol' Shock had tackled him to the ground and was all over his face. We were a bit worried for a second, before Night started laughing and we realized Shock was just licking the man's face. He's never done that before to anyone else.

The two played together for a couple minutes - I've never seen Shock happier! He was running around and jumping up and down, flopping onto his belly and rolling around. I couldn't believe it was the same dog we've been working with all these years.

Night came into the office to formalize the adoption. He said that Ol' Shock used to be the family pet and that one of his brothers was supposed to take care of him, but something had happened to that brother a few years back, and Shock must have gotten lost. He recognized Shock instantly from the poster and came in to see if it was really him, not thinking it would be.

I'll say, nothing's better than reuniting a pet with their owner. We all gathered around to watch Night leave with his old friend - didn't even need a leash, just the two walking next to each other.

And you didn't believe Shock could get a happy ending. That's not what we believe in here.

— Selena

Sent by: Gary Harp
Recipient(s): Tim Wilson
Date: 6/20/2012

I'm sure you've heard of what happened a few days ago to the Three Portlands shelter on Deerway. That "Chicago Spectre" coming around, running a protection racket? We really didn't have any choice but to accept, since the cops in 3Ports aren't great.

Well, no need to ask the Supervisors for help about that at the next meeting. In fact, it's probably best if we didn't mention it to them at all.

Today, the Chicago Spectre came by again. There was a finely dressed man in a black pinstripe suit, three-piece. With a fedora. He looked like he was out of a gangster movie, and walking right beside him was Ol' Shock. And sulking behind the two, with his head held low in shame was the ringleader of the gang that came by the other day.

The guy in the suit asked to speak with whoever was in charge, and since I dealt with the Spectre the other night, it was decided that it'd be me to deal with them. I invited the two (and Shock) into my office, and the guy in the suit immediately launched into an apology.

He explained he was the leader of the Spectre, and when he had heard that his boys had come by and pulled the protection racket on us, he was outraged immediately. He wanted to come by sooner, but "the time wasn't right". After all, he said, we had been so kind as to take care of his dog for the past couple of years and reunite them.

The ringleader from the other night put a briefcase of money on the table and apologized. Night said that this was all the money from the other night (I counted, and it's actually a little more) and that we wouldn't need to worry about paying for protection anymore. It was the least we could do for services rendered on behalf of the Chicago Spectre.

The two then left, with Shock right behind them. The guy in the suit gave me his business card and told me to give him a call if we ever had any trouble with another gang.

Mr. Wilson, we accidentally made friends with a mob boss.

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