Additional SCP-1420 Test Logs
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This is a test log of several creatures produced by SCP-1420. Most unstable creatures are omitted apart from the earliest specimens. The format is as follows:

Specimen name

Description: A physical description of the specimen.
Observations: Description of all observations regarding the specimen. Behavior, demeanor, diet, vocalizations, etc.
Notes: Additional notes about the specimen.


Description: An extremely muscular snake with a clawed prehensile tail and two legs. 408 grams.
Observations: Paced rapidly around the room attempting to climb walls. Expired approximately 4 minutes after birth due to lack of vascular circulation.
Notes: Anomalous effect of SCP-1420 ascertained.


Description: An infant domestic chicken. Completely devoid of feathers and lacking eyes or toes.
Observations: Convulsed on the testing table until it began to relax. Laid still until terminated.


Description: Twelve-legged reptilian with a feathered tail. 410 grams.
Observations: Moved quickly around the testing room and hissed at researchers. Spat a foul-smelling liquid. Kept alive in a steel cage for one week. Provided water and fed live mice. Terminated without incident.
Notes: First fully stable creature produced by SCP-1420.


Description: Slender bipedal avian creature with a scaled tail and opposable thumbs. 300 grams.
Observations: Very timid. Attempted to avoid researchers. Fled rapidly from them and did not show aggressive behavior.
Notes: Kept alive for one week by being fed bird seed and kept in a terrarium. Terminated without incident. Formal request has been issued to receive permission to keep a specimen alive for an extended period of time to study long-term behavior.

Site Directors note: Permission Granted to keep an instance of SCP-1420-1 alive in a terrarium as long as deemed necessary. Do not remove the specimen from the containment room.


Description: Four-legged, stocky, large-scaled creature resembling a pangolin. Scales are serrated and very sharp. No visible eyes. Large ears. Large, short beak for feeding. 456 grams.
Observations: Completely blind and only reacts to sound and physical touch. Arches and flares its scales when threatened. Emits a quiet rumbling sound similar to purring when threatened. Kept alive for one month in a terrarium fed with various nuts and fruits. Terminated without incident.
Notes: Instances of SCP-1420-1 have been growing in complexity and stability over time. By what mechanism this is being achieved is unknown.


Description: A snakelike, feathered reptilian with 18 long scales used as legs. Six large eyes running from its forehead to the base of its neck. 432 grams.
Observations: Calm demeanor. Majority of time is spent asleep. Specimen is difficult to rouse. No venom or fangs. Ate lab mice by pinning them between its legs and swallowing them whole. Kept alive for one month to study. Terminated without incident.
Notes: Formal request for permission to cross-test instances of SCP-1420-1 until further notice has been filed as of this report.

Site Directors Note: Cross-testing of specimens permitted.

SCP-1420-1 Cross-Testing
Specimens Used:


Description: A round scaled creature with 5 legs separated at equal distances on the body. Limbs end in small beaks. 350 grams.
Behavior: The specimen moves by rolling along the ground and latching onto surfaces with its mouths. Does not seem to differentiate between things larger or smaller than it. Has weak venom that causes numbness.


Description: A large-mouthed lizard with serrated teeth and six tentacle-like appendages sprouting from its back. Soft feathered body. Four clawed legs. 400 grams
Behavior: Highly aggressive. When presented feed mice, uses tentacles to grip prey and restrain them. Primary method of killing is its jaws.

Result of Cross-Test: After both specimens were placed in a terrarium, Specimen 40 attacked Specimen 39 almost immediately. Specimen 40 devoured Specimen 39 and promptly ran under a decorative tree branch in the terrarium. Specimen 40 terminated without incident.

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