Addendum to neutralization report KY-2018-DW2
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Anomalous item KY-2018-DW was neutralized on 08/27/18. Embedded Foundation agents with the Lexington, Kentucky police department intercepted a call from Diane Wharton, who reported "a strange man in a black uniform" exiting her home through a hole in the wall of her finished basement. The containment team positively identified the individual as Foundation personnel from an alternate reality, and cooperated with their counterpart in ensuring the aperture was sealed. A request to establish operational communications is pending review with both Foundations.

The video embedded below was uploaded to YouTube on 12/23/2018. Analysis determined that its creator (Delphinia Wharton, 16) had prolonged, previously unrecorded contact with KY-2018-DW. The item facilitated interaction between Ms. Wharton and a human inhabitant of the alternate reality. Due to the lengthy and otherwise unexceptional nature of this contact, de-realization of the affected memories is considered to be sufficient. Foundation agents generated a false report of a medical problem which required brief inpatient treatment, and administered class G amnestics to Ms. Wharton during her hospital stay.

Relevant entry from the Log of Anomalous Items:

Item Description: An opening in a basement wall which connected to an alternate but largely similar version of reality. The homeowner contacted local authorities after witnessing a person from the other reality exit through the wall. Local Foundation agents intercepted the call and dispatched a containment team.
Date of Recovery: 08/27/18
Location of Recovery: A single-family home in Lexington, Kentucky
Current Status: Neutralized

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