AARS538 Report
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SUBJECT: Autonomic Analysis and Response System 538 (AARS538)
REPORTER: Agent ███████████
DATE: June 17, 2011
LOCATION: ██████████████, ███████████████████

INVESTIGATION DETAILS: Several inconsistencies in AARS538's reports have led the investigative team to conlude that AARS538 is no longer fully under the Foundation's control. The reasons for these inconsistencies are currently unknown, and most likely result either from some outside interference or from internal corruption of the system's programming.
The noted inconsistencies are as follows:

  • Only 17% of drone dispatches have been recorded in reports. This includes 29% of subtype-A events and 5% of subtype-T events.
  • Only 35% of known terminations have been recorded in reports. This includes 12% of terminations involved in subtype-A events and 68% involved in subtype-T events.
  • All 98 known terminations of Foundation staff by AARS538 have not been included in reports. This includes 75 individuals exposed to strains of SCP-3281, and 23 individuals linked to this investigation. This count excludes the 113 D-Class used in routine strain testing.
  • The strain recorded as SCP-3281-A-e shows no memetic transmissability or other anomalous effects. SCP-3281-A-e describes an individual travelling to the nearest boat dealership, seeking out a customer service representative and making a request for a number of car batteries greater than 12.
  • The strain recorded as SCP-3281-T-c shows no memetic transmissability or other anomalous effects. SCP-3281-T-c describes an individual seeking out an electric motor and an individual within 25 months of their own age, and bringing them to a secluded area before murdering and dismembering the other individual, and converting parts of their body into a handheld tattoo application device in combination with the electric motor. When finished, the individual uses this device to apply a tattoo to their own body and often the remains of the deceased individual.
  • The strain recorded as SCP-3281-N-d has not shown any loss of anomalous properties, and AARS538 has been observed dispatching drones on three occasions in response to SCP-3281-N-d outbreaks since reporting it neutralized.

INVESTIGATION CONCLUSION: Due to infosecurity mechanisms inherent in AARS538, external reprogramming of the system or retrieval of the system's databases is not currently possible, and deactivation of AARS538 is not currently an option. The Foundation's priority as of now should be the creation of a backup Autonomic Analysis System to independently retrieve information regarding SCP-3281. Any independent investigation of AARS538 or SCP-3281 must be done through the Foundation's secure channels, to prevent AARS538 from responding to the investigation as a possible information breach.

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